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  • Social Media Manager (Concept)

    The Social Media Manager

    *browsing through 4 different social media feeds*
    "Remember Endron's big corruption scandal? No? Neither does anyone else."

    Faction: Technocracy (Syndicate, fighting to support Syndicate's Business Interests) OR Independant (Fighting for some political cause, any political cause can work) OR Traditions (Virtual Adepts, fighting against the Technocracy and also spreading some "hey, what if magic is real?!" mystic virality on the side).

    Arete: 3
    Mind: 3
    Correspondance (Data): 3
    Optional: Entropy 1 (looking at probably responses to stories and Spins) and Spirit 1 (manipulating the spiritual inhabitants of the web).

    In this day and age, knowledge is power. Some play around with numbers; deficits, statistics, launch codes... child's play. The only numbers that matter are Shares, Likes, Reblogs, Replies and Comments. To the Awakened eye, it's obvious that the Marketplace of Ideas is a sham. The best ideas don't rise to the top, the loud and marketable ideas rise to the top. A 'bad' idea with lots of money, charisma and air-time will beat a good idea any day of the week. This Mage seeks to control public perception by controlling the social, political and cultural narrative. A top politician did something unthinkable? Not any more; a story denouncing the claims (with no sources, to boot) just went mega-viral, drowning out the truth. Alternatively, a Technocracy-backed candidate is about to win office in a regional election? Not anymore, I'm afraid, since a (mostly false) rumour about them is now a stain across the public's facebook feed. Someone she doesn't like is raking in virtual support? Well her pet harassment campaign will suddenly see a target painted on their back.

    If Vampires are present and exist as shown in Vampire: The Masquerade, she is aware of Vampires, having effortlessly overcome the Fangbook program which Anarchs use to disguise Masquerade-breaching social media posts. With ST permission, she plays the role of an agitator on some Anarch forums, and may have even infiltrated Red Question. I don't know anything about Glass Walker social media, but if they have it, she's on it.

    Paradigm: a mixture of Everything is an Illusion (Truth is subjective and effectively doesn't exist, Spin = Win) and Everything is Data. She doesn't think she's using mind control, far from it; what she's doing is glossing up stories to give them Virality. She has the necessary skills to hack into just about anything, but she avoids it where possible because A: Paradox is a bitch and B: she really doesn't need to.

    Focus: She has a custom-built ultra-lite notebook, next gen and easily hidden. This is her custom-made and completely unique focus, while her smartphone is a good backup and a tad more subtle. She prefers sitting down with a hot drink and some snacks, researching her target audience and constructing her spin (fake or otherwise, results are what matter). In an era of Alternative Facts, she's getting stronger by the day, and practically any online use of her powers seems to have become Consensual as of late. She uses a variety of apps for languages, choices of words and finding the correct image to attack to a viral masterpiece.


    Contacts: 5. She's on speaking terms (in DMs) with a small crowd of Household names (think fashion, music and film icons), and their managers, spin-doctors and the like.

    Alternate Identity: 1. She has a HUGE number of well-disguised sock-puppets infiltrated into various online communities. She has a special method for keeping them updated without giving up too much time, and she uses them as access ports for deploying her new ideas. Viral harassment campaigns, civil rights groups, obscure lifestyle forums, even some large fandoms... mention a website or community, and she's pulling out her phone to check on it. Identities include a key coordinator of /pol/, a moderator on a Vampire TTRPG Forum and TheLegend27.

    Avatar: 5. Her Avatar manifests as a computer program on any technological device (which possesses internet access, even if it isn't connected right now) which provides her with inspiration.