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    Magic Street is more of a fey thing, I think, about a foundling/changeling child left in a middle class African American neighborhood in California (IIRC). I enjoyed it, but my tastes have always been kind of odd. (I think I'm one of the few people who likes Card's work that has never had any interest in reading any of the Ender sci-fi series beyond the first book.)

    Speaking of odd things, there's also Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas series, which I enjoyed quite a bit (although the end of the first book made me so mad it was a year before I started the second book, even though I fully understood why the book ended the way it did.). It's more of a psychic thing, but has a number of interesting weird things that fit in Mage. Also, Koontz's Frankenstein series, which ended up having a major influence on how I view the Progenitors.

    Simon Green's Nightside series is not about a mage, but is full of so many wonderfully mad ideas and concepts, especially for the Umbra and spirit beings.

    Nazi Occult, a book from Dark Osprey written by Ken Hite (a man who is a walking talking encyclopedia of conspiracy theories, strange history and weird facts), is a good sourcebook for Mage stuff during WW2 as well as some of the weird science Etherites might still be tinkering with.

    And I've never read "Schrodinger's Gat" by Robert Kroese, but the idea of a "quantum physics noir thriller" about changing one's destiny and the future fighting back when you try to fight against it seems to have Mage written all over it. I'm hoping to get around to it by the summer.

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