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  • Gods & Monsters, BoS & BoTF Teasers

    taken from facebook and enjoy: you go here and click on the download button above the save to my account one. Enjoy Hope this holds everyone over.

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    Pretty good stuff all around.

    The "Aliens Make Us What We Are" Paradigm is an obvious addition - many Etherite theories are based on it - but I find its antagonism towards Theism a bit overbearing. Like, yes, we get it. Aliens instead of gods. I bring it up because I don't recall the other Paradigms being so...openly and extensively hostile to other contrary Paradigms. They just were what they were, and tried to put their best foot forward.

    "We Are Not Men!" is also an obvious one, in retrospect. It's the Paradigm of your X-Men and your Inhumans. Your Shadowruns and your Assassin's Creeds.

    It would especially go well with a Craft idea I've been working on for the last few weeks: an order of knights that ritualistically consume the blood of dragons, in order to achieve power and enlightenment. And their members (ideally, as dragons aren't as common as they once were) either have personally drank dragon's blood, are the descendants of those who drank dragon's blood, or can trace their lineage to an actual dragon (those wurms are known to take human form, after all).

    Although this does raise a point about the Paradigm: it states that its adherents don't believe just anyone can be a Mage, but several styles listed there give ample paths to the contrary. Transhumanism can be achieved by genetic modification or cybernetic enhancement, etc, leaving the door open for anyone to potentially do so. Mystic Mages could probably find a way to "pass on" the heritage to folks they feel are "worthy" of the gift. Mages are smart people. They can put their supposed superiority to use, even to subverting the normal limits of that superiority. You know, if they wanted to.

    There's also another way you could take "We Are Not Men!" that these notes didn't bring up: the Mage isn't human, and that's not necessarily a good thing. Some folks - especially in places with great superstition or religious prohibitions against witchcraft - might be horrified by the power they Awaken to, and assume their inhuman nature is demonic. Whether that be because they've tapped into an ancestor's interbreeding with devils, or by some new, unnatural taint. My abovementioned draconic knight idea might produce descendants of dragons that find this heritage evil, since dragons weren't always seen as positive or natural (they are the king of monsters, after all, and "monster" comes from a Greek root word meaning "unnatural"). A Transhuman, meanwhile, might see their modifications as a curse ("I never asked for this."), while the X-Men comics are full of mutants who lament their state, and how it alienates them from society.

    While a Mage who believes any of this could still be galvanized towards action, even heroic action, it can be underscored by a sense of making up for their condition. You might have the devil's luck, fire, charisma, and occasionally horns, but that doesn't mean you can't act on the side of the angels. Some, like one of my character concepts, might feel obliged towards penance. Then again, a character could instead decide that, if they're already a monster, they should act accordingly.