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Working From First Principles: Subjective Reality

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    Originally posted by BenjCano View Post

    Scenario given R1: Suppose the critical number of people were persuaded to believe that reality was not completely malleable. Would reality adapt to this belief?
    If Yes: If reality ceased being malleable, then it could not be changed later and this R1 would not be true any longer. Thus later reversions to the belief that reality was malleable would not change reality back to being malleable, since the initial changed belief would be for an unmalleable reality. Reality cannot be made completely unmalleable, therefore it is not completely malleable, and thus R1 is not true.
    If No: Then R1 is not true.

    ∴ R1 cannot be true.
    This assumes that, at some point in the past, people stopped believing in a malleable reality. You would be surprised at how many people actually believe in a malleable reality on some level, though perhaps not the level that a Mage does.

    Very few people actually instinctively grok the idea of a limited hard reality that's secrets need to be uncovered, rather than simply considering science to conjure up new inventions out of the ether

    Therefor, R1 could be true, but that could also be changed.

    Which is in fact the Technocracies goal.