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  • Fun Technocracy Paradigm Articles

    For ItX Statisticians, NWOers, and $yindicate Managers, these two articles have been intriguing in my Union development this week:

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    That's scary as hell... And like always, the traditionalists are trying to halt the "inevitable progress march"


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      I think it's great. . . at least in terms of expanding the types of Apparatii Union Agents can use. Divination has never been more coincidental. . . or accurate! :^D


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        The Forbes article is interesting. The Yahoo article hits several of my indicators for bad science journalism.

        Focusing on the Forbes one. Not only does this scream Technocracy, it seems like the kind of thing they've been doing since the 90's. It's a very powerful tool in their arsenal.

        There are two weaknesses I can think of off the top of my head, though.

        1) It's hard to model humans, they adapt. If economists came up with a formula that could predict the stock market with 90% accuracy it would be useless within a year because people would start using it. When you change the way you interact with the system you change the system, which means you need to change the way you interact with it, and so on and so on. This is one of the explanations the Syndicate has for Paradox (or whatever it is they call it... Statistical Deviation?)

        2) Computers are great at correlation, they aren't so great at causation. This kind of data mining throws a lot of false flags and talented Traditionalists can do things to make the computers throw even more. Technocracy computers will be better than usual of course, but it still takes context and sapience to determine which correlations are actually relevant.

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