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    Nodes are Knots of primal energy, where Quintessence wells up and Tass manifests.
    Nodes often appear in places charged with massive emotional discharges and/ or natural harmony or corruption.
    Physical forms of Quintessence often coalesce around Nodes in some tangible form.
    They are said to feel special and more Real than real and swell up wherever deep passions or massive expenditures of life force shape the fabric of reality.

    So... if this were the world of mage:
    Where are the nearest or most accessible nodes in relation to you?
    What are they like? Are they claimed? Are they Chantries or Constructs?
    How would you get Tass from them?

    (I'm trying to get ideas for nodes for a future game and will post what I come up with too, once I'm done with work.)
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    There is a small lake in my city, on top of a hill, in the middle of an urban area, in the middle of my town, a small, quiet place, where people stay calmly around, watching the place (no one swings in the lake, because there used to be a real, living aligator living on it - I shit you not, I saw the beast myself, on several times. The great animal just stood there, like a statue, watching us. A pity they took it away last year, because the happy aligator decided to take a walk around the neighborhood, so it was sighted entering a few houses, so the mayor finally decided that it could be dangerous, despite the protests of the locals, after more than 10 years of peaceful coexistence).
    There is also a small water jet inside the like, that turns the small lake into a fountain of sorts, and when the Sun is very bright, it makes a rainbow just a few inches above the water.

    Im not describing a fictional place; Im just describing a REAL place in my city. Its a large metropolitan area, so, that small little place really feels like its magik.

    I love that small Island of peace, from time to time I'll just stay there sitted to chill out.


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      Sounds awesome. Where is this? And what happened to the alligator? Did it get to a zoo, the wild, euthanized, no one knows?


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        Off the top of my head:

        Lake Pinatubo on top of Mount Pinatubo.

        It's a bit of a trip to get there across some plains that looks like the surface of the moon if it had pools of water, and then into a valley with boulders that look like they belong in a Flintstones cartoon, and then a hike up the mountain and down into the lake. The water there feels great. There are no fish in it. Some spots underwater are hot enough that the locals boil eggs there using bags with a few eggs in them, weighed down by rocks and attached to some sort of floating marker or marked by a stick. The place feels serene, despite some amount of tourism, and the shadows of clouds passing gave me the impression of giant flying creatures gently drifting above me.

        If it were mage, I'd say that the quintessence is under the water near the hotter spots and the boiled egg thing would be an interesting way to get tass.
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          Originally posted by Spacecat View Post
          Sounds awesome. Where is this? And what happened to the alligator? Did it get to a zoo, the wild, euthanized, no one knows?
          It's this place right here:

          It's a small lake, no more than 3 or 4 blocks, but it's absolutely amazing. Look at the rainbown hovering just above the water... The sleepers think its just light, but we all know that it is pure quintessence floating.

          This lake is in the geometrical center of the city. My city is in an Island, and it has a small complex of hills in the Center of the Island, and in the Center of the hills, lies that lake... Its almost the geometry of Magic.

          About the aligator: no one knows where did he came from, because, like I said, the area around the lake is fully urbanized.

          It just... Showed up one day in the lake, out of the blue.

          Now, of course that we, enlightened people people that we are, know that he is a visitor from the other side of the Gauntlet right? Its so obvious...

          I was hoping to make a pact with him and make him my spiritual ally, but it looks like the techies got there first.

          But I gotta say, in our real world, the people who lives nearby were very vocal about the animal's rights to reside there, so it were returned to the wilds, about 100 miles away. For the more than 10 years that my city had the honor to have his mighty company, there were NEVER a single incident (except that one time that he decided to take a walk around the neighborhood).

          I still dont know if it were a majestic umbrood, or if it were a Mokole all and all, guarding his Caern.

          Thing is: he may be the second aligator that resided there.

          Really, I can't think of a more magikal place.

          I believe even the Technocracy has seem some internal purpose for this Caern to the city, because they dont dare touching it (despite being the obvious owners).


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            Hehe, when I first started playing Mage, when I layed my eyes on Prime I thought "wow, I know where there is a Node, right here on my city!!! And with a guardian spirit nevertheless, and a hallowing!!! Awesome!"


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              Just about 20 miles from that almost mythical place, in the neighbor city just next to mine, there is the BIGGEST industrial complex of my country. Many oil and steel and chemicals industries... Just imagine it. That neighbor city were the most polluted city in the world back at the 70's and 80's (now, thanks to an amazing ambiental project, its actually an amazing city, it is not as urbamized as mine, it hás only the industries and the workers houses, all the rest were made green with an amazing foresting project, and today it has a magnificent sight of HUGE industrial never ending fires from their towers, surrounded by a lavish Forest, like some unique and unusual Wyld/Weaver like most people will never see). However, there are still some swamps that have being turned into hellpits beyond repair... Some TRULY powerful entropic nodes, you can feel their power just by getting close.

              Yep, its a rather unique place, here on my city you can find Gaia, Wyld, Weaver and Wyrm tainted places in their full glory, standing side by side. If here were the WoD, we would have Glass Walkers walking just 1 mile tops to go from a comercial building, to seek the wisdom of a wild mokole, Celestial Chorus sacred churches just 200 yards away from a nefandic Node, Dreamspeakers guiding the natives who live in some of the hills (yes, just next to the city there is a tribe of natives, living in the wilds like their ancestors), and the Syndics making loads of money with heavy industries (actually, the Syndics here aren't so bad, since they did took a step foward and saved the city from total Wyrm collapse - which is more than it could be said from the local Traditions or Fera. The Sindicate only had to snap its fingers to get it fixed).

              The city is also a major port, and there are a lot of oceanic exploration close by, the coast have a huge list of interesting characteristics that makes it a great point of oceanographic studies (damn... I never put it all toghether like this, but my city REALLY is magic!). So, I guess the Void Engeneers should have an amalgam here too, using the port as cover for their oceanic operarions


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                Saw the pictures. It looks like a magical place.


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                  I guess that the main problem for ANY Node is to be public. Like it was implied that NY Central Park would be a Caern, its almost ridiculous. If EVERYBODY knows that X place is a Node... Well...

                  If its a natural glade or a cursed pit, the Technocracy will sanetize it and build an industrial complex (as a cover for a construct) on top of it. Or, if playing WtA, the Forces of wyrm will try to take it, and they would rather reduce it to ashes than letting the Fera keep it. Its impossible to have this kind of thing in the WoD, not without some adaptation.

                  Here in my city, for example, I make the "Missing Lake" a neutral ground. Back in the 80's, the syndics realized that they risked losing the city to nefandic Forces... And when I say losing it, I mean "place that area under permanent quarentene, and surround it with the Orange suits and blaster rifles!". So, they had to act fast. The area is too important because of the port and the industries, the entire state (the country actually) depends on it. They couldn't waste time with minor squirmishes with insignificant RDs...

                  So, they did the unthinkable. They called BOTH the Traditions and the Fera to the table. A deal were struck. They would hunt down the Nefandi - toghether. In exchange, no group would advance towards the others. And the lake... Well, that was the Grand prize right?

                  Well... The lake is a great source of Primal Energies, truth... But, the Syndics, as greedy as they may be, knew that they had plenty more sources. The Fera and the Traditions, not so many. So, many no group could accept ANY rival claiming the Lake, no matter what other concessions it were made, the syndics suggested that NO ONE would have it. It were to be forbidden land. And that was it, the final agreement (and it was not like any one of them were in any shape to demand nothing).

                  In the 90's, a mokole took residence in the lake. That stirred things A LOT. The techie's went to talk with the Garou, the Garou tryed to talk to the mokole and gently try to talk him to leave, but he just said "no", and the Garou were wise enough to leave, the VE went to talk to the syndics to ask for funds, and request a Qui La Machine and 5 full battlions, and the syndics just said "u mad bro?", and they decided that was not worth engulfing the city in a war for (they didn't knew that Garou and Mokole aren't all best buddies, the syndic just assumed "nah, its all Fera", and thought the Garou would declare war if they made a move), but in exchange for letting the mokole, the Garou had to give in several concessions (and the Garou didn't want a war with the techies, nor wanted to fight a mokole... So, they got screwed), and the mokole couldn't leave the lake (well, you can take him if you want metal men!).

                  When the mokole got tired and took a walk, the agents hunted him down... And prepared for War.

                  But the Garou just said "yeah, so what?"

                  The syndics took great lenghts of pain to realese the thing in the other side to not angry the wolves, but they didn'


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                    Other nodes in the World of Darkness equivalent of where I am at:

                    Manila City Hall: the only government building I know that looks like a giant coffin and where employees say one shouldn’t stay inside beyond 6 p.m., because that’s when the spirits show up.

                    Mt. Makiling: a dormant volcano in Laguna believed to be guarded by Maria Makiling, a fairy or goddess of some sort.


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                      There is of course, the obvious ones. Like the Vatican or Stonehenge or even the Celestial Stone on Mecca or the Wall of Laments in Jerusalem, the Taj Mahal, even the Eiffel Tower or the Liberty Statue.

                      Those, however, can't have a single owner, not by any way. It would be needed a compromise between Traditions and Technocracy, I dont think we would be having constant "terrorist attacks" on the Vatican or "cirurgical bombings" on Mecca.

                      In those obvious places, I say that the Union and the Traditions make an agreement that none can use them, but both defend them from assalts (like Nefandi, Marauders or Fera). Both sides agree that its best to keep them emanating positive etherial energies that are highly beneficial to the local masses, than eventually destroying those magnificent and unique places by the colateral damage.

                      Nefandi however, probably would LOVE to destroy such places


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                        Oak Island (a small island on some USA state, I dont remember which) is one too.

                        Just watch "the Curse of Oak Island" on History Channel, some sillyness about a hidden treasure in it and a curse related to it (nefandic node perhaps?)

                        Oh, and also the huge trash island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, that's a great BSD Wyrm Caern... Perhaps, the biggest Wyrm Caern on Earth (but than again, this makes it into a HUGE target, so, my solution... No Wyrm cult goes there, despite being a lvl... 7?... Wyrm Node, because the Garou nation guards it... And the Garou dont try to purify it, because the forces of Wyrm would mass on them if they dared... So, its another kind of "Pax Fera" in this place, no side makes a move to avoid a full out attack)


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                          To detail the node I described at Pinatubo:
                          While Lake Pinatubo acts as a Node 3 or 4, its quintessence flowing into things left for some time in the scalding spots under its waters, it actually has the potential to provide more power as it lies atop a conduit of incarnate primal force. Neither the Technocracy nor the Traditions claim it because it is a terrible place to build a permanent base, is possibly unstable, and is already claimed by a local craft with close ties to the local spirits, no intention of spreading their influence, and little desire to join any larger groups.

                          Mt. Makiling would be a place of true power guarded by a being known as Maria Makiling that manifests in the form of a beautiful lady, that controls white mists, is capable of transmuting ginger to gold, can make certain people get lost in the forests, and can move her house around at will. She is very protective of her forest and while she tolerates guests and even goes out of her way to help people, she does not tolerate littering, hunting her animals, and taking more fruit than you can eat and bringing it out of the forest.

                          Can't say much about Coffin City Hall. I've never been there.


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                            There's a river near the place where i live but it's polluted and it's disgusting, and i just thought that it could be a node with a very filthy resonance and the tass it produces is literally garbage and other nasty stuff, and if you were to go into the umbra you would be able to see spirits of the wyrm living there, snake-like creatures, maybe even zombies feeding off tass in the shape of rotten meat (Because some people say that you can find dead bodies in there/So the tass is related to the "myths" surrounding the place), wraiths, ghosts this kind of thing and maybe a huge creature living under it. So in order to "purify" it you would have to literally clean the whole thing and wipe out all of the corrupt spirits living there, in fact i just thought of a whole chronicle lol. And i can think of another one, its a huge park full of trees and clean water, i like to think that werewolves control this one, i don't know much about werewolves, i usually play mage but it fits because mages aren't supposed to know a whole lot about the other supernatural groups, my mage do know a lot about vampires though, a tremere is my informer. If you think about it there are plenty of nodes all around, its just hard to find one that fits your paradigm, proof of that is that i had never thought of the polluted river as a node before even though it could potentially be a very powerful one. It's really up to you, a cyber cafe could be a small node to a virtual adept, but a verbena would not be able to recognize it as such. English is not my native language
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