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  • Dragon Egg Delivery

    So I've been kicking around this idea for awhile, do you think this would be feasible/not garbage?

    >Game starts in Boston, Order of Hermes mage calls the PC's to his ancestral home/chantry

    >Hermetic has acquired a dragon egg, about the size/weight of a bowling ball. The Consensus has turned it to a fossilized dinosaur egg, but the Hermetic believes if it can be moved to a Horizon realm it can be hatched into a true dragon.

    >Hermetic doesn't have Spirit magic, but knows a Dreamspeaker out west who could probably do it.

    >Problem is the Technocracy know something is up with the Hermetic, so he can't get it out to the Dreamspeaker himself. He asks the PC's to deliver it and stop dragons from going extinct.

    >None of the PC's have been to where the Dreamspeaker lives, plus its warded, so no Correspondence magic to teleport there.

    >Airports are a very bad idea because the Technocracy control all major airports. Gonna have to driver or ride a train.

    >Along the way they are helped/hindered by different Traditionalists and Technocrats. Not all Trads are helpful, not all Techs are hindrances.

    >Pursuing them is a Technocrat Progenitor who is part of the Center for Disease Control. If the PC's get too rowdy the Prog will put out the word that they're transporting a biological weapon through the US.

    >Dreamspeaker destination can be Arizona, Washington, California, or even just Colorado. Depends on how long the game goes.

    Thoughts? Critiques? Suggestions?
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    Well first, Correspondence wards would only stop people from teleporting to the specific location the Dreamspeaker is staying. It wouldn't stop someone from teleporting to the property next door. Since you can't really ward an entire state, they can at least get close enough to their destination to not need to go on a roadtrip.

    Assuming, of course, any of the players or the people they could ask for help have been to the area. Strength of connection is a thing. If no one has ever been there or had an object with a connection to there, it would make things difficult. It would still be possible to find a landmark in the same general area and establish a connection via description (a photo of a state capital building, combined with a map, would probably suffice), although you'd need five successes for it. This all assuming you even have access to a person with Correspondence 4, since you need that to teleport a bunch of people at once (I mean, I think that's the case; the books are cagey and inconsistent on that detail). If you don't have anyone like that, it makes things more difficult.

    Really, though, there are too many ways around the problem, given the premise. You could find a different mage in the area with stronger Correspondence, and who has personally visited the area. Indeed, you could look for a more local mage with experience with Spirit magic, circumventing the need for a roadtrip entirely. After all, if you just need to get the dragon egg to the Umbra, anyone with Spirit 3 can do that. Plus, the idea that the Dreamspeaker is warded to the point where the Hermetic can't teleport the egg to them raises another question: can the Hermetic not just make a phone call?

    If we're going to have a road trip, it's perhaps more helpful to change a number of details about this quest. First, we make it so that the dragon egg can't just go to anywhere in the Umbra. There's a particular Umbral realm it needs to go in order to maximize its chance of hatching and surviving. The person the PCs need to find, therefore, can be a known scholar of dragons, who would best know such a place. You have to go to them, because they are the only ones with the knowledge.

    Second, we need to do away with the idea that the Hermetic knows where this scholar is for certain. Otherwise, you could pay another mage, and zip over there (or close enough as to make it a short errand). Instead, have the scholar's location be unknown. The Hermetic has met the person before and knows they know where the dragon egg should go, but they lost contact years ago. The scholar moves around a lot, going from place to place. You have only one clue as to where the guy last was, and need to personally go there and start following a trail of breadcrumbs. This makes it logical why they must go the long way: they might need to stop at every gas station and small town, looking for this enigmatic guy.

    Although with this setup, you face another problem: if you're acting as delivery persons for this Hermetic, and any one of the characters has Correspondence, why must the characters carry the egg with them? If it's a matter of finding this guy, the PCs could logically let the Hermetic hold on to the egg until they find him, then make a phone call. From there, they teleport the egg over (which should only require Correspondence 2, since the egg is roughly the size of a cat). The egg never needs to leave the safety of a hidden location.

    How do you fix this? Why, by making the Hermetic's care not safe. Maybe the Hermetic's home got attacked, and he needs to offload the package onto the PCs while he lays low for a while. Or maybe he dies, his last act being to get the egg to the PCs with only meager clues as to where to find the target. Something that makes it so the PCs have nowhere to put the egg except on their persons.


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      Bluecho Good feed back! Here's what I've got to answer your questions:

      1. This would be a game for starting Mage characters,so they wouldn't be able to use teleportation to jump where they needed to be.

      2. I had in mind that the Hermetic would not have enough Spirit or Correspondence dots to do the job himself, plus the Technocracy is closing in on him. By giving the egg to the PC's he hopes to smuggle it out of the city before the Technocracy confiscates it an throws it in a museum.

      3. The idea of the Destination Mage being a planar scholar who knows the right realm for the dragon egg to hatch is an excellent idea, thanks! I like the idea of them being mobile too, makes a good excuse for the PC's to ask other Tradition mages for clues as they travel. (First they hear she's in Chicago, then Denver, then Las Vegas, then Seattle)


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        You could also make the egg somehow more attuned to its spacial correspondence in the Tellurian - meaning, you CANNOT use correspondence on it, not under normal circumstances (actually, you can, but you'll need a special research for it, and special knowledge about dragons, before you can attempt).

        Decide one Umbral Realm (and a special place in that Realm) that the PCs will need to go to to hatch it (Abyss? The Dreaming? Some Vulgata? The Labirinth in the Underworld? The Digital Web? Its up to you). The Dreamspeaker will know which (or will know somebody who knows). Just going to the Umbra without knowing where to go is useless.


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          Maybe you could also make some story about how people who've tried to teleport directly to the mage they are looking for end up in a different place, like maybe CERN, for some reason and the survivors of that last attempt are pretty sure the technocracy doesn't know why either... and the guy's not in CERN.

          I think this would be awesome fun if you could get it to work as intended


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            Originally posted by Spacecat View Post
            Maybe you could also make some story about how people who've tried to teleport directly to the mage they are looking for end up in a different place, like maybe CERN, for some reason and the survivors of that last attempt are pretty sure the technocracy doesn't know why either... and the guy's not in CERN.

            I think this would be awesome fun if you could get it to work as intended
            Hum... Corr 3, Entropy 2 could actually do that


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              I think you should continue the story in the Umbra.
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                I think all of Bluecho's suggestions are particularly on point. Nobody wants a Correspondence 3 starting Mage to just zip over to the closest place they can with a well-planned ritual, This could eliminate 99% of your planned story, and you might be forced to try to bully that Mage back to the PC group (which could just end in a dead/captured character and/or lost egg). I could see the game falling apart in the first episode as your one or two characters with Correspondence 3 or Spirit 3 end up losing the egg or dying through antics in an attempt to expedite the trip (as they should attempt to do if they can!).

                With the breadcrumbs option (last known location, but we aren't sure and the target person is on the run or hard to pin down for a variety of story reasons), the characters have an excuse to trail after the target in an investigatory pursuit.

                Getting the egg to a specific place in the Umbra (that the target knows of or can explain on how to get there) is also a good idea to preemptively cut off the, "I shove it into the umbra and be done with it" solution.

                Making the egg-gifting Hermetic a Technocracy target who has to get out of town or someone who believes his chantry is about to be hit is a nice touch. The PC group is a slightly better team of Frodo and Sam ring-bearers (with actual abilities to do things to protect themselves and the egg).