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Nostradamus Jam and Iced Chi

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  • Nostradamus Jam and Iced Chi

    Reading about things like Nostradamus' Treatise on Make-Up and Jam with its recipes for marmalade, cherry jam, quince jelly, pear preserve, marzipan, candy, toothpaste, hair bleach, laxatives, love potions, and plague cures got me thinking about those sorts of things in mage and the actual process of making such things in-game.

    I recall this one mage supplement where someone got a can of Iced Chi from the from a vending machine.

    Now obviously it's easy enough to figure out the sort of magick needed to make such stuff using the system but I was wondering how one would go about making real Iced Chi (Well, real under the assumption of a paradigm under which chi actually exists and that the texts regarding it are actually somewhat correct).

    It sounds like it would be best made as some sort of iced tea with the usual black or green tea extract, some lemon juice, sugar, ice cold water, and maybe a small bit of ginseng and ginkgo biloba (Too much and you gain paradox! or rather, you suffer the side effects of overdose).

    Now that's just, more or less, normal iced tea with a health and alertness extract twist. The key ingredient would have to be the chi. Of course, I wouldn't want some weird dude standing at the end of the production line holding out his hands out towards the product making slow motion hadoukens or something (well, actually I would like to get some qigong master to do the equivalent but I don't want to rely on that as the product's source of chi) so I'll have to find another way to get the chi into the drink.

    Living things supposedly have high concentrations of chi in them. Therefore, iced chi must have something alive in it that will last at least as long as its shelf life, something that isn't dysentery inducing microbial life. Lactobacillus casei Shirota doesn't sound like a great match unless you want something a bit like yogurt in the drink. So now I'm wondering what sort of plant matter I could maybe stick in the drink that would survive the packaging process and remain sort of alive for the drink's shelf life. Does anyone know of any edible hypothermophiles?

    Does anyone have any other weird and silly ideas for magick recipes?
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    There is a Hollow One rote for gaining quintessence from drinking coffee at a coffee house.


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      Good lord. Every Starbucks is like a Hollower node.

      On an unrelated note, I want to make a mage based on Heston Blumenthal. He invites people to his events and makes for them impossible feasts as a way to bring back the belief of the magical to their lives at a subconscious level using the magic of food.


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        What if the tea leaves are cultivated with some oriental alchemical process that transfers the chi of the leaves to the infusion?. Specialized tea houses tend to have weird teas that have been cultivated under special conditions to get the "effect".


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          Looking for that I found this

          This Oolong tea must be pesticide free, allowed to be bitten by green crickets before being harvested only in the summer, spread under natural sunshine, and then withered again indoors, tossed and agitated on a bamboo tray, rolled and dried. Other pests must be kept away from the tea and only half the leaves are use-able. Talk about special conditions for cultivation.

          Of course, this seems to only improve its flavor and not necessarily the "Cha Qi" (Tea chi)
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            This wasn't what I had envisioned when looking for magickal recipes