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Monaco as a potential Mage setting?

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  • Monaco as a potential Mage setting?

    I just had a idea. I am wondering how Monaco, mostly Monte Carlo, could work in Mages. I am picturing Syndicate ran casino and some other technocratic fronts. But, how could the Traditions, Nephandi and Mauraders work in this setting?

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    I was there once.
    I remember a naval museum with a fifteen meter whale skeleton and a cactus garden. Pittoresk panorama of the mediterranean also. We did not book a hotelroom but I guess they are pretty luxurious.
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      Off the top of my head:

      The Celestial Chorus would likely have some influence there, maybe a resident mage stationed in St. Nicholas Cathedral or Museaum of the Chapel of Visitation or something.

      Hercules was supposed to have constructed the ancient path from Spain to Italy in Monaco and also the port and coastal road. There was supposedly a temple to Hercules on the Rock of Monaco. Maybe mages could be searching for Hercules related treasures beneath this place.

      Apart from stuff he had, like the Nemean lion's coat, impervious to the elements and all but the most powerful weapons; the lion's claw, which could be used to cut this coat and was probably a lesser known tool of Hercules; and Arrows made poisonous by hydras blood that could cause immortals eternal torment; perhaps the temple catacombs contained priceless mystic knowledge such as maps to "Old Roads" like the Greek underworld, to Olympus, the garden of the Hesperides with its golden apples of immortality, the place where atlas holds up the heavens, prometheus' rock, the place where the Stympalian birds still roam, etc.

      On a side note, A former yacht belonging to Errol Flynn, the USS Zaca, is berthed here and is supposedly haunted. "Witnesses have reported seeing Errol Flynn's ghost pacing aboard. Others have described the sounds of voices and laughter as if a wild party was happening on board"


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        Just like any other city no tradition has absolute control, I would suggest looking at the Las Vegas book for inspiration


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          (I always wished Mage had had more city sourcebooks the way the other game lines had. Seattle, Washington DC and Tokyo all would've been good ones.)

          While not Mage related, the ruling house of Monaco is Grimaldi, which is the same name as one of the ghoul families of the Sabbat.

          It also apparently has the highest per capita population of Jews outside of Israel (about 1000+ out of 38K), so there may be a Lions of Zion presence.

          And casinos mean Thanatoics, as well as probably the Hermetic House Fortunae and maybe a few thrill seeking Ecstatics, which provides at least one good NPC cabal idea.

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            Originally posted by No One of Consequence View Post
            While not Mage related, the ruling house of Monaco is Grimaldi, which is the same name as one of the ghoul families of the Sabbat.
            A royal family with ties to the Tzimisce sounds like something nice to stick into a mage game. They can be players friends or enemies, and can serve as an added complication to whatever it is the mages are doing there. Albert II with Celerity, Dominate, & Fortitude!!!


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              This sounds wonderfully exotic for a campaign. The high population density keeps a tension going between different factions. No one can just go hide in their little safe place, but at the same time you can't get up in someone's business too much without upsetting the balance. Good idea, Killerclown.


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                What if the syndicate have this built as a focus for magic in and symbol of control over Monaco.


                This setting is great. I want to use it myself.


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                  I'm thinking that Formula One could be how the Technocracy pushes the envelope of belief with regards to automotive technology and the Japanese gardens there could have been designed by the Dalou'laoshi.


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                    Originally posted by Spacecat View Post
                    What if the syndicate have this built as a focus for magic in and symbol of control over Monaco.


                    This setting is great. I want to use it myself.
                    ‚ÄčI can definitely see a Syndicate mage using this as a base. Also, I might make the local Nephandi sect run a neo-Nazi group who is trying to take over the Monaco criminal underworld. Also, your ideas with Formula One and the Gardens are pretty good to.


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                      I'll be using this setting for sure some day.


                      "Organized by Madeleine de Galea during the 19th century, the collection at the Monaco National Museum: Automatons and Dolls of Yesteryear has been called one of the creepiest in the world."

                      I'm not sure if you can use this, but it exists.


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                        Since I've only ever seen the place in Movies and TV, this helps me a lot


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                          If you take the Grimaldi royal family as the Grimaldi Revenants, you are taking Monte Carlo a VERY dark direction. It's probably a Sabbat or even Black Hand stronghold (maybe even true Black Hand masquerading as Sabbat Black Hand central...). Everything should be dripping with tainted elegance. The difficulty of access becomes more of a "no way to escape" situation. Any mage influence would be brushing up against that as a Background. Mages don't have any dictated morality, but most Tradition and Union mages are going to get uncomfortable pretty fast. Mages are master perceptors and all the blood soaked decadence just around the corner from the view of mortals is going to become pretty obvious. Perhaps the vampires/revenents loosely enforce a sort of dark Casablanca semi-neutral ground, where Union secret agents and Tradition risk takers can meet and play spy games. A casino run by vampires, managed by an Orphan with a questionable history... that sort of thing.

                          Honestly, from what I remember, it seems so cut off and isolated and with a definite "the past is alive here" I would probably take it a completely different way and have it be a sort of refuge/living museum of remnants of the Order of Reason cheek by jowl with the core Eurocentric Traditions out on the island. Something a little more cosmopolitan on the shore.

                          I dunno, maybe Las Vegas is a good model, just class it up significantly, add in the appropriate James Bond-esque frills and give it MUCH deeper, older roots.

                          In any case, Brucato has said repeatedly that Mage is not a "location specific game" that's why we don't get setting splats. Apparentely the heroe's journey quest for Ascension requires putting one foot in front of the other. I don't agree. I've run really good long successful city-based games. But that's why there aren't a lot of decent models to work from. Hells, even the locations that are intrinsic to the rules proper, Chantries are pretty much as vague as vapor.


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                            I would suggest reading the book "Making Monaco" it covers the ups and downs from a sleepy village that legalized gambling in 1855 to its decline after WW1 then it's reinvention during the Jazz age.

                            With it being a sabbat town it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "the locals get out of town during fashion week"
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