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    Can somebody describe me the process of casting the spell? (using foci)
    The Hollow Earth - is the time there the same as in our realm?
    What would be needed spheres for making a circle around a human which would protect him from leaving it? (It's oftenly used is The Originals and The Vampire Diaries).
    How powerful a mage need to be (Arete rank) for being powerful enough for fighting werewolves, vampires and demons?
    12th generation, Cliath and etc.

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    For the first question, I'm assuming this to refer to what a character does to cast magic. The actual process of casting a spell depends a lot on the mage's focus (paradigm). To your average hermetic, it might mean saying a magic word combined with making a complex hand gesture or a gesture with a ritual implement such as a magic wand or staff to draw upon the secret names of the elements and toss a fireball. To a member of the cult of ecstasy, it might mean, putting on some earphones and listening to music to get into the proper mindset to slow down time. An Akashic might have to perform a certain martial arts maneuver or martial arts form (kata) to activate a certain magical effect. It all really depends on how the character has learned to surpass the limitations of normal reality. If you need further specifics, feel free to ask.

    As far as I know, time in the Hollow Earth flows parallel to ours in much the same way.

    In revised, a circle around a human which would protect him from leaving it was Correspondence 3 + Life 2
    In M20 it is Correspondence 4 + Life 2 (page 513).
    Page 509 seems to contradict this, saying Correspondence 2 + Life 2 , but I take that to mean, you can selectively "Thicken space" making it hard to leave such a circle at correspondence 2 but not actually impossible to do so. (Maybe 1 success making it difficulty 3 to leave, with +1 difficulty more per additional success; plus successes required for duration)

    As for power, Mage doesn't lend itself well to power measurements of that sort. I can build an Arete 3 starting mage that could easily hold its own against werewolves and vampires so long as the player is careful. How effective the mage is is far more dependent on preparation and creativity. Arete helps, but spending a few hours preparing for something is a much bigger help. A better indicator would be the highest level in the highest sphere the mage has (this is limited by Arete though), with 2 granting basic capability in the field, 3 making them fairly powerful, 4 making them ridiculously powerful, and 5 giving them the sorts of powers you wouldn't normally give players in other RPGs. That said, a mage caught unprepared will still lose to most any foe.
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      I'mplaying in the community where demons, vampires, werewolves and hybrids exist. All played by players.
      What spheres you suggest me? Is it smart to roleplay a Orphan,?
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        Hard to say. I would normally say get the spheres you can most easily wrap your head around and be part of the tradition or disparate group with the paradigm/foci most familiar to you. That way, thinking up new and inventive ways to use your powers will not be too difficult.

        Do any particular sorts of magical effects appeal to you? I could probably help you with cool effects around a sphere you kinda like. I personally like Life 3, because of all the cool powers it lets you add to your body, because of the stuff you can do to simple creatures, and because few things motivate other members of the group defend you like the ability to their heal wounds. I know someone whose build revolved around Time 3, Entropy 3 and guns. Correspondence is one way to stay out of harms way. Spirit is awesome if you are an able negotiator.

        The only advantage I see to being an Orphan is that you would usually be considered more or less neutral by some supernaturals. Unless you want to be an unofficial member of one of the other groups already in the game, it's probably better to be part of a larger more powerful group of mages so that messing with you implies actual repercussions from your organization, even if this is just one of the Disparate groups. Are you planning to be friends with any particular supernatural groups?


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          I forgot to ask, what are your plans with regards to interactions with these demons, vampires, werewolves and hybrids and the like?


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            These kind of questions may be better for your Storyteller, as what's "optimal" depends on the kind of story. For instance, if the ST wants to create a realistic setting and explore the social interactions between the splats, then going Rambo with your magick might not be the best idea...

            On the other hand, makin a super cautios social manipulator isn't going to help you if vampires star appearing like the "random encounters" of a videogame.

            The style of game influences starategy, but in mage this it's multiplied by the fact that the rules demand a LOT of interpretation on the part of the ST. There are tables/stories where mages are the strongest kind of supernatural being, while in others they're the weakest by far. And all of that following the rules...


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              We are fully following the books, and which race is the strongest is determined by players characters
              Well I would try to keep them on distance or eliminate the threat of tgeir society to mage's (maybe)


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                To Aleph
                I find it hard though to imagine mages as the weakest of supernatural beings by far and still be playing strictly by the rules; especially considering a few of the sorts of supernaturals that exist out there and what mages are explicitly supposed to be able to do according to the books. It probably just seems that way when mages challenge certain supernaturals directly in their own element or dive into something unprepared. I feel the trick is to find your own niche and figure out how to get the most out of it. If you have little idea of what the storyteller is like, I'd say you could get by sticking to effects explicitly noted in the book, preferring obviously coincidental ones to vulgar ones, and casting your essential magic using rituals way ahead of time.

                To Goran
                What sort of RPG community is this? Are there multiple storytellers? Is this a sort of player vs player free for all sort of thing? Will you be a mage that only occasionally interacts with the other supernaturals? Are you going to run with another group of players? and again, what sort of magic and magical group do you find simplest to wrap your head around? Then maybe we can work from there.
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                  Each player is storyteller for himsrlf, the administrator is a final storyteller. We are roleplaying in a small town, so yeah I will have to interact with other supernaturals often.
                  I will try to join to the local mage community with that character if I get accepted.
                  About magic thing, I don't have some favorite form. If you want more info about the community I can PM you


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                    Well I am curious about the group but more in the context of giving advice regarding your character.

                    For sheer ease of use, I'd suggest you get Time 3 (See the past, see the future, gain extra actions each turn), Mind 1 (combat mind control, mess with your own mind), & Entropy 2 (Sense fate & Fortune & Control probability to make your actions easier as long as chance can be involved and to cheat at gambling). Then get guns with dragon's breath rounds and good combat stats.

                    If you are particularly paranoid, maybe Correspondence 2, Prime 2, and Forces 3. Then use all sphere's to make a prime 2 "Body of light" idealized self projection), with Forces 3 so that it looks real and can exert force on things, and Correspondence 2 so it can travel where you want it to go while you remain safely meditating somewhere else. This "Illusionary You" effect would require a lot of successes though and is vulgar so you need a sanctum to cast it in. It would probably require 5 successes to make it happen in front of you for a scene (and more to project it elsewhere or to make it last longer) and so would probably be cast as a ritual (see rituals).


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                      There is a mage with Time 3, do you have any other advices / examples?


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                        Originally posted by Goran
                        We are fully following the books
                        What books? M20?, Revised?, you include things like the ST: Handbook crossover rules...all of this it's very relevant.

                        Small town, surprisingly full of supers (wonder how/if the Masquerade holds)...wana get rid of the supernaturals/ protect against them...


                        You probably want Prime. Low level Prime allows to detect supernaturals and their powers, get extra quintessence, make everything do aggravated damage (always useful vs supernaturals), direct damage, creation of charms, transforming (and countering, if you go by the ST: Handbook) supernatural energies. If you want to face supernatural forces, Prime it's, at least, useful.

                        Mind it's useful against the kind of mind control that vampires can exert.

                        Without Spirit, there's a whole paralel world that Werewolves can access and your character can't. This gives them a lot of resources and advantages that you won't have nor be able to counter.

                        Matter allows to not only create silver easily, but also to alter the properties of silver in order to make it easier to weaponize.

                        Forces it's always good to blast stuff + get's you Fire and Sunlight.

                        Most supernaturals don't control space or time. Thus having Correspondence allows you to pull off shenanigans they can't easily counter.

                        Every sphere (not only the mentioned) gives you stuff you can use. There's no "better spheres". Chose three/four random Spheres you like, and then we can brainstorm how to face your enemies with them.

                        With Arete, the more the merrier. Keep in mind than with less than 3 successes you can't do much, starting mages don't throw much of a punch when casting in the fly. M20 it's better than Revised in this regard.

                        Also, don't disregard mundane skills and resources. You can only do so much magick at a time, so you may want to be able to use mundane tried and true tactics to hunt supers, rather than having magick as your only resource. Also, empowering mundane weapons/defenses with magick it's often easier than just using magick.
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                          Well, continuing where i left off, those were the simpler ideas. Aleph is right. There are no better spheres. It all depends on how you use them.

                          Spirit 2 + Mind 2 can possibly be used to make your voice extremely pleasant to spirits. Coupled with singing skills and good negotiation skills, you could probably use this to coax a whole bunch of spirits into becoming fetiches to lend you their powers.

                          Correspondence 2 + most effects can wreak havoc on the world, especially if its coincidental entropy 2 and mind 2 effects to nudge tings along in the way you want them to go. You can become "Voyeur man"

                          I can't think of anything else that wouldn't be somewhat complicated or cause too much paradox for little gain for someone just starting at mage

                          Life 3 for example lets you diagnose creatures, heal yourself, heal others, do really weird things with plants and insects and mollusks, and to change parts of your body to gain things like wigs and gills and armor and claws. Awesome stuff if you are familiar with many plants and animals. but most of these things will gain you paradox really quickly.


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                            As for magickal style: If you really can't think of anything, these are the ones I found are easy to get with for most people.

                            Akashic Magical martial arts: You can do a kung fu move, martial arts form, or meditate as appropriate to your effect. For effects, look at any super-powered martial artist in movies, TV, comics, and video games and see if your spheres can be used to replicate what they do.

                            Hermetic hocus pocus: Wave your hand, say a few magic words, then get a spell effect like every wizard in almost every movie. I have a friend who literally looked up every harry potter spell he could do and another who looked up DnD spells his character could do.

                            The Magician: Go around in a top hat and tails with a magic wand and maybe a large red piece of cloth. Act like a Las Vegas magician or any street magician you've seen on TV. Tell people it's all part of the show.

                            Technomage Etherite guy: Have a device for everything or a bunch of weird devices for each sphere with vague uses like the multipurpose ray emitter, technological optimizer, or nano-assembler.


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                              can't think of anything else that wouldn't be somewhat complicated or cause too much paradox for little gain for someone just starting at mage

                              Try with this one.. I roleplayed a mage before actually,