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Cleaning up the clutter of the WoD: Psychics are just Wild Talented Orphans

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    Well, it was designed specifically for mage games.

    How about this?

    Each spell, ritual, procedure, or other act meant to produce a magical (or hyper-technological) effect is described as a specific method of producing the desired effect.
    It is activated using an appropriate Ability usually Esoterica, but also possibly Science for technomagick, Martial Arts for supernatural martial arts, or whatever seems more appropriate.

    Each effect is rated from 1 to 4
    1 is for sensing a specific sort of thing
    2 is for a subtle or utilitarian manipulation of reality that is relatively straightforward. This includes extending senses beyond normal perception range.
    3 is for a potent manipulation of reality that can be highly complex. Effects can deal any type of Damage, grant Extra Actions, and affect things or travel beyond normal perception ranges or to other realms. Conjurations of inanimate things and transformations of inanimate objects may be made permanent.
    4 is for epic powers that are large in scale and scope (maybe a mile area). Conjurations of animate things and transformations of creatures may be made permanent. Resurrection or Time travel becomes possible.

    The Difficulties are 4 + level of the effect.

    1 success means the effect works instantly or for up to a turn. If the effect simply deals damage, each success deals 2 levels of damage.
    Targets beyond the first require a success each. A level 4 effect may hit a defined area. Damage is divided among targets.
    For long ranged effects, you need 1 more success if you have a part of something to perceive the rest of it, 2 to for something intimately familiar, or 3 for something casually or passingly familiar.
    If appropriate, 1 more success can make an effect last a scene and 2 a day. 3 can make it permanent on something inanimate and 6 on something animate.

    Level 2 - 3 effects always have some predetermined inconvenient drawback that either takes place when the rote is used or limits when or how the rote can be used.
    (For example: causing 1 die of bashing damage when used, having no effect on ordained members of a certain religion, being unusable on Saturday, etc.)
    Level 4 - 5 effects always have some predetermined dangerous or truly troublesome drawback that either takes place when the rote is used or limits when or how the rote can be used.
    (For example: causing dice of lethal damage equal to dots in the highest sphere used, having no effect in the presence of unbelievers, requiring the light of the full moon, etc.)
    Botches on level 1-3 effects entail a minor paradox backlash (inconvenient stuff), while a botch on a 4+ effect entails a major paradox backlash (dangerous stuff).

    These are generally determined per effect.

    Each power costs:
    Experience points equal to [3 x level]
    Freebie points equal to Level

    Hedge Sorcerer Characters
    The expert Hedge Sorcerer who has been practicing magic for some time is built in the same way as a starting mage character but with Willpower 4, and with 12 levels worth of powers in the place of spheres. The Sorcerer can’t have a power with a level of more than 1 unless she already has one with a level exactly 1 level lower.
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