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  • 172) If one of the PCs is either an Akashic or a Euthanatos, their Cabal must have occasion to collaborate with a member of the other group...and have it turn out that the PC and NPC were sworn enemies in their past lives. The Himalayan Wars were long and multi-generational, with combatants fighting, dying, and reincarnating, over and over, for thousands of years. Some old souls developed deep-seated animosities with each other, that transcend life, death, and even the Himalayan Wars themselves. The PC and the NPC are one such pair, able to identify their soul-enemies just by the texture of their auras, or from their bearing and mannerisms inherited from past lives. Maybe they can just sense the connection. Whatever the case, this puts the PCs in a difficult position with the NPC. Can they work together in a professional capacity, long enough to accomplish their goals? Or will the fires of this feud ignite into renewed conflict, even violence?


    • 173) The PC Cabal has been called upon to travel to and reinforce a small, besieged Chantry, situated out in a rural, backwoods community. When the PCs arrive at the town, they are given a cold and suspicious reception by the locals, many of whom bundle up even in warm weather. The Chantry itself - an old farmhouse a couple miles out from "downtown" - shows clear signs of assault. Bullet holes and wood cleaved by axes would be expected, but more curious evidence of siege can be found. Things like claw marks, scorched timber, and holes evidently created by some corrosive substance. Inside, the beleaguered occupants speak of attacks by mobs of locals. The sheriff, naturally, has done nothing to stop the attacks or to summon greater authorities. Because, of course, he's probably in on it, and is quashing attempts to have the situation investigated. Further, any tech-savvy PCs will be horrified to know that the Chantry gets no signal or wifi, is too old for wired internet access, and even its crappy phone lines were cut at some point. The residents of the Chantry had to send for help via magick, which precludes being able to seek governmental assistance.

      Moreover, the residents confirm suspicions that more than rowdy townsfolk have been assailing them. Oh sure, it was just hicks toting guns and wielding axes at first. Initially, the locals just arrived and tried to intimidate the Traditionalists - the "freak outsiders", as they are called - into leaving. When the Chantry members refused to submit to base bullying, the locals started getting violent. Attacks began to happen, often at night, though enough times during the day to keep the residents from straying too far. The Chantry played home to a couple of Mages, as well as a few Sorcerers and unpowered Consors and Acolytes. They had more than enough magic to scare off the locals, for a time. Made them not so bold in their attacks. But as the siege wore on, new threats emerged. Always at night. Creatures - monsters - that assailed the walls of their farmhouse. Hideous, half-human mutants and unspeakable horrors. The Chantry members have fought hard, and multiple of their members bear awful wounds, inflicted by their inhuman enemies. No matter how many of their aggressors are felled, the injured or killed end up being dragged away by daybreak. Though the Chantry residents swear they can sometimes hear the bodies being eaten, down to the bone it would seen.

      The residents of the Chantry are exhausted and emotionally drained from their prolonged siege. They don't just need help staving off further attacks, but in getting to the bottom of the horrors in this isolated, insular rural town.

      The truth is that this town plays host to a Wyrmish cult, its members having engaged in inbreeding and deliberate infection by Banes for generations. It's a Fomori town, with its most mutated members being hidden away on farms, so as not to be seen by the prying eyes of the few outsiders that come through. When the Chantry was founded, the locals considered it an unacceptable intrusion by outsiders. That the Traditionalists came in and started investigating spiritual corruption in the land - and thereby stepping on the toes of a community that worships corruption as a god - is almost besides the point. These locals are so willfully isolated and insulated, they consider any activity or lifestyle beyond their experience as being obscene, to be distrusted and driven out. The arrival of the PCs simply doubles their resolve, as well as their suspicion.

      The house has been watched for days, to pick off anyone trying to make a break for it. They gutted the Chantry's car, and long ago destroyed any towers that could give reception from the outside world's infernal internet. How did those damn freaks call for help? While the locals have faced the magics of these "freaks", it doesn't occur to their Wyrmishly inbred and uneducated minds that said magic might allow them to Send for help. Instead, at the moment, the locals are becoming suspicious of each other. Did one of their own betray the community by ferrying a message to the outside? Some of their number have shown less...enthusiasm for the dark rites than others. Members of the community whose love of the Wyrm and his blessings could be construed as...lacking.

      While the locals are dealing with the arrival of the PCs, they may also begin persecuting their own. A stopped clock is right twice a day; the locals are correct, in that some of the families in their community are, at best, giving lip service to the Wyrm. Or else children or spouses, in whom the Bane taint and Wyrmish fervor did not take. Innocents, for whom there might still be hope of escaping the Wyrm's clutches, if they could only leave. IF they survive the purge that is brewing in their community.
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      • 174) The Collegium Caligo - the "College of Mists" - was a Chantry and accompanying Realm that served as one of the great institutes of magickal learning with the Traditions. Founded in the Victorian era, as many such College Chantries were, the Collegium Caligo's earthbound location was merely a gateway and anchor for the campus proper, which was built in a Realm forged inside the larger Land of Mists. The Chantry was often called the "Mist-Parting School", for its dedication to dispelling the fog of ignorance and giving the clarity of greater Truth. Lectures, experiments, and archival activities made the location popular. It was constructed in a Classical style, aping the glories of the Greek and Roman academies and libraries. Students and tutors would crowd into its open-air meeting places, as would Mages looking to meet and discuss the finer points of philosophy and magickal theory. All amid the white marble columns and brilliant frescos that decorated the building, the results of years of dedicated Awakened artists. Within the inner chambers, private lessons, intricate magickal experiments, and deep scholarly study took place, in the series of offices, workspaces, and libraries.

        Naturally, such splendor could not last. Even before the Avatar Storm, the Collegium Caligo had seen far fewer visitors since its halcyon Victorian days. Not a surprising development, as the 20th century saw many such schools wane in popularity, due to the rise of Technocrat science and the dissolution of popular interest in magic. The Collegium Caligo was hardly abandoned; it was still a repository of magickal knowledge, and a few dedicated instructors held classes as late as the 90s. The spaces may have been quiet, but some studious persons considered that more a boon than anything. All the better to do research.

        Nonetheless, the Avatar Storm closed the book on the College of Mists, the connections between its earthly anchor and the Realm being severed. All gates cut off and great upheaval shaking the foundations of the Spirit Worlds, and the Collegium Caligo became lost to the Umbral mists.

        That is, until recently.

        Whether the Avatar Storm has abated or simply through decades of work, new clues to the whereabouts of the Collegium Caligo have surfaced. Some Umbral travelers claim to have seen glimpses of it, in their explorations of the Land of Mists. If a Cabal of mages could locate the school and establish a beachhead, they could not only gain first access to the treasure trove of knowledge stored there, but also expect rewards and accolades from Tradition mages for their victory. After all, the Traditions lost much in the Storm, so every instance where old ground is retaken can be seen as a notable win.

        The endeavor will not be without danger, though. Aside from other mages - Tradition or otherwise - who may desire to claim the Chantry first, there are an unknown quantity and quality of threats that exist in the Umbra. Few are more mysterious and more hazardous that the inhabitants of the Land of Mists, who enjoy perpetual obfuscation. These mists seem to have filtered back into the halls of the Collegium Caligo, the magick that once repelled them withering over time. Who knows what could be hiding in that place? Umbral monsters? Forgotten remains of magickal experimentation? The unquiet spirits of students and faculty who were left to die there after the Avatar Storm?
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        • 174 gave me a strong vibe of bloodborne, i always wanted to do something like this!


          • 175) It starts with a happy family. On a sunny Saturday, a young couple with their son are visiting the park. Just as the son bows down to feed the ducks, he falls into the shallow water and drowns. A tragedy, perhaps. The same day a girl falls off her tricycle, shaken by seizures. She dies on the way to the hospital. Another tragedy? In the evening, in an entire different part of town, a boy invites all his friends to have a sleepover. Later, half of the children are woken up by intense spasms, that soon prove to be fatal. This is no coincidence.
            The culprit is easy to be found, as he is not very subtle. A ghost of immense rage in the form of a small genderless child, that uses its powers to electrocute its victims. It is incapable of speech or any form of communication and attacks everyone on sight. But if someone possesses any medical equipment or uses any medical lingua around it, it flees in terror as fast as its small legs could carry it. Also, the ghost is hesitant to enter hospitals or similar places.
            So, what's going on here? Several decades ago, several children with mental deficits like epilepsy or autism were deemed unworthy of life and were euthanized. Their brains were preserved for further study and by the years, they got handed around as a macabre trinket. Now, a distant relative of one of the children gained possession of its brain. He dabbles in sorcery and tries to breath life into a proxy body for the child, to give it the childhood it never had.So far, his attempts to revive the child has resulted in waking the ghost, which is confused and angry, and envies the living
            There several plot-hooks to this situation.
            1. Though powerful, the ghost is no match for a spirit-savvy mage and can be tracked fairly easily back to the preserved brain and to the wannabe reanimator. Now, what do the players want to do? Destroying the brain would possibly free the ghost from its fetter and it would vanish into the spirit realm. But is the easy solution always the right one?
            2. The person responsible for the euthanization was actually a mage, either a Chakravanti who thought, he would give the good death to a suffering soul. Or he was a progenitor, that organized the death of the children for the sake of science and finding a cure for their ailment. Decades later, this person is now a high ranking member of its respective organisation and as the person responsible for the ghosts death and suffering, he has become a fetter for the ghost. The person has to be punished, maybe with death, to free the child from this world. But can you demand the death of someone way higher up in your chain of command? Despite his deeds, he has proven to be a valuable member of his organisation.
            3. A nephandus made contact with the ghost and learned about the brain as a means of controlling it. He tries to get the brain, or any of the other brains from the experiment, in his hands to create mercyless child-ghost-assassins as a way to spread terror and destruction.
            For the Storyteller: you should make clear that the ghost is a victim by itself and maybe has no real understanding of what it is doing. To destroy the brain to kill the ghost should be considered the evil ending, though an easy and straightforward one. If any player tries to reason with the ghost and finds a way to pacify its endless rage, he or she should be rewarded, though this is a very difficult feat.


            • 176) The Flame of Bravery
              During the Second World War, an aether ship was patrolling the outer fringes of space. As the nephandi were on the rise during this age, one of their gods was about to wake. By luck or fate, the ship found the body of the god, as he tossed and turned in his final moments of slumber. The crew was gripped with fear, as the god was a sight that man was not meant to know. But the captain, whose name is lost to history, had a heart of immense courage. He turned to his crew and commanded with a booming voice: “Engage the enemy!”. For he knew, that if the god was not stopped right now, creation as a whole would be doomed to perish. So they fired their cannons, and after they were out of ammunition soon, their captain commanded them to ram the god, while he engaged the self destruction sequence of his aether ship. Through his sacrifice, he slew the god, but his fate and that of his crew was worse than death. In his agony, the deity destroyed not only the ship and killed everyone on it, he also destroyed every living soul and their avatars, so they could not reincarnate again. Many souls were lost to the great wheel that day.
              But something far smaller than an avatar that day escaped. A fragment of the bravery of that nameless and forgotten captain found its way to earth and attached itself to the soul of an unremarkable boy in high school. He does not notice this in any way, though he has strange dreams about the ship, his crew and their final fate from time to time. But unknown to him, he has got a strange power: The flame of bravery. From this point onward, people around him get inspired to great acts of courage. The shy can speak in front of great crowds or confess their love to the person of their dreams, the bullied suddenly stand up to their oppressors, the depressed go out to find their happiness again, against all odds. Sometimes, the flame of bravery travels between persons, though it gets noticeably weaker every time. The boy himself is unaffected by all of this and doesn’t even think, he could be the reason for all of this.
              After high school, he travels the country or even the world and wherever he goes, he kindles the flame of bravery in some people he meets. Soon, he writes a trail of revolutions across the globe, as the people he enchanted sometimes come to the conclusion, that the status quo of the world is unacceptable and try everything to overthrow the persons they deem responsible for the miserable condition of the world. Naturally, every government faces the rise of anarchism and revolution.
              As some kind of patient zero, the boy can be tracked down by the players, if they follow the trail of newfound courage. Naturally, the boy is the anathema to the consensus and may prove to be the decisive weapon in the ascension war. Will they weaponize his power? Make him kindle social unrest wherever they deem to fit? Or will he plunge the world into anarchy, as the kindled will inevitable turn against each other after they overthrow every government? Then he has to be killed, or at least locked away for his own good.
              On the rule side, this introduces the power of True Bravery into the game. True Bravery works like True Faith, but instead putting fate into the hands of a higher being, the kindled only belief in oneself. Like True Faith, this grants a pool of counterspell dice against every kind of magic and a number of additional willpower points, both values are equal to the power of True Bravery.
              Whenever the boy kindles a person, he starts at a power of 1 and rises over the next few days and weeks to his final number, which is determined by the storyteller, but should not exceed 5. If that person kindles another one, that final number must be one lower than before, as the power is spread thinner and thinner.
              If a person is kindled by someone (either somebody already kindled or the boy himself), is determined entirely random and up to the storyteller. But the longer a person stays in his direct vicinity and has direct contact with a kindled, the higher it gets. It gets even higher if the kindled speaks to the person in question. (think of it as a viral infection, that is spread by talking to someone)
              Contrary to True Faith, someone with True Bravery can't perform miracles, but may possess an uncanny ability to evade captivity.


              • 177)

                A young member of the New World Order's Ivory Tower Methodology swears that he is beset by rain every time he goes out on an errand - when he leaves his apartment, and when he is returning to it. It starts raining when he goes on short walks, and it also rains when he travels to the city centre. The rainfalls' starts are abrupt and swift. The Technocrat also noted that the rain seems to end within a minute or two after he goes indoors ; after a few days he took the time to continuously observe whether this is the case, and it turns out that this happens every time.
                He has checked the weather information on the internet, and going by it, the short rainfalls happen only in areas he is at, when he is there. There were a few exceptions to this trend ; but the Technocrat is convinced that something - or someone - is at work here.

                He is right about this. A Verbenae witch two and a half centuries of age is sending the rain as the first display of her affections towards the young man ; who she has chosen to be her consort. She hopes that he will soon think it over and realize that this has been going for more than a while, and it is more than weather - it is her handwork, her effort, her brilliance. If he will not start thinking about her and acting on it, the Verbenae is prepared to make him aware in a more direct way - by sending pictures of herself. Possibly through the Technocrats, to show how serious she is.

                A male Verbenae friend of the rain-causing witch has expressed his doubts and hesitation whether the young Technocrat will leave the Technocracy and join the Traditions, as the witch would like and expects him to do. Before he could speak further about this, he was silenced harshly by the woman, who noted how he seems to understand very little - if anything - about destiny, fate, and love in this case. And noted how he seems to have forgotten how becoming aware of the vibrancy of life can change a person. The witch is assured and confident that once the young man she has set her eyes on will become aware of the vibrancy of life - and especially once he will know the vibrancy of her life, both metaphorically and literally - then he will make the right choice.

                To her Verbenae friend, she has suggested that he should find himself a friend - possibly a future bride ? - as it seems that he is missing some of the vibrancy of life. She also made it clear to him that, should a similar situation happen to him as is happening to the young man she took a liking to, then he should pay attention to the weather and not avoid it, or doubt. Whether it will be memorable rainfalls, or remarkable snowfalls, or peculiar winds, he is to take note and experience it ; and then he is to try to guess his lover's voice, and imagine her face.
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