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    Originally posted by Warpwind View Post
    13) You grew up amongst monsters. From as long as you could remember yourself, you have heard about garou, the greatness of warriors, the righteousness of the cause and the noble fight for the soul of Gaia. As long as you could, you wanted to be one of them. To change into a wolf and to run with the spirits, to fight for the very world. Yes, they explained to you that you will never change, that you simply were not born that way. But damn it, you never lost the hope, you could feel it, something awaiting you. They could be wrong, they had to.
    When a white, unmarked wan cut of your way and several man, who had to be pentex, tried to wrangle you into it - you fought. THIS had to be it, this was the moment, this was the moment you had to change. Of course you didn't. When they beat you up and threw you into it, when you understood that there would be no grace of Gaia, no miracle... something broke in you and with it something broke free. While your body refused to change, your soul did. It spat fire and tore attacker to bloody limbs. So hold your Primordial nature, your Avatar of the great Wyrm/Dragon and prey your friends and family don't smell anything amiss.

    * you are not really corrupt or a vidderslainte. You just start with Primordial essence and the Avatar in the form of great wingless dragon, e.i wyrm. Good luck and better invest in that Arcane.
    Shouldn't this rather be posted on the "1001 interesting character ideas" thread? This thread here is for plots and plot hooks.


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      Originally posted by Bluecho View Post
      Shouldn't this rather be posted on the "1001 interesting character ideas" thread? This thread here is for plots and plot hooks.
      donno, I see it as a plot hook?


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        14) New York's local Tradition\Technocratic\Disparate division has discovered the location of the Tzmisce antediluvian and his plan to devour the city with his Vicisitude. Can they find a way to stop this ancient creature before his plans can bear fruit?

        See my splat, Angel: The Revelation (With a MUCH better link):


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          15) Gem Bird Baby's Day Out: A Faberge egg (or one made in the style of same, at least), decorated in gold, ivory, and sapphires, has come into the possession of a wealthy stock broker in the city. The egg's maker was unknown; indeed, jewelry specialists could not find the usual subtle signs that the item was actually crafted. Not that this little fact diminished its artistic value, and few knew of it anyway. The only reason the egg was known publicly at all was because of the high profile nature of the owner, and his having presented it as a gift to his wife at the height of their anniversary dinner (which doubled as a charity event).

          The dinner took a decidedly different turn an hour or so later, when guests noticed the egg had been cracked open, and tiny bird tracks were made leading from it in spilled red wine. The Faberge egg had, in fact, hatched.

          The true nature of the egg was obvious to any mage who heard about it. It was laid by some gilded Bygone bird, and hatched in response to the Quintessence generated by the general mood of jubilation at the party. Now, every Awakened being (and several other enterprising Night Folk) are looking for the jewel-encrusted bird. If the PCs are a Technocrat cabal, they will be sent on the chase as soon as the discovery itself, as a Syndicate rep present at the dinner phoned in the irregularity. Their job is to track down the extradimensional creature, capture it before it can be seen, and take it to the nearest Construct for study and/or dissection. If the PCs are Traditionalist or Disparate mages, they may be drawn to looking for it for its own sake, to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

          Moreover, there's another danger. Momma can apparently hear the cries of its child from all the way back in the Umbra. And it's coming for its precious baby, to hell with anyone or anything that gets in its way.


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            16) Double Trouble: A new criminal mastermind has insinuated themselves into local organized crime, a figure that is making existing illegal enterprises, law enforcement, and even the Night Folk nervous. This slick character has remained just detached enough from illicit activity as to avoid the attention of the cops, acting through a series of intermediaries and fronts. But of course, someone had to have met them. At a certain point, one of those people who have an idea of who this person is comes into contact with one of the player characters...and swears at first that the latter is, indeed, the mastermind. They look exactly alike. This, of course, can cause a great deal of problems for the PC and their cabal, as enemies and police think the PC is this other person. Because despite wholly different mannerisms and personality, they could be duplicates. This situation is further complicated if the mastermind ever finds out about their double, or if the two characters should ever happen to meet (assuming that's even possible; see below). The mastermind may or may not have Awakened powers, and may or may not obtain them as the plot goes on). They may or may not even realize at first that the supernatural exists, though they are shrewd enough to adapt to this fact if made aware of it.

            So who or what are they, and what relation do they have to the PC? A long-lost twin? A clone? A doppleganger born from the PC's errant shadow? A split personality (possibly generated by Quiet and Correspondence magick)? A Tzimisce's flesh-crafted creation? An unknowing immigrant from an alternate reality? Something else entirely? Finding out will be half the plot in and of itself.

            If the two characters end up both Awakened, it may end with a battle of the minds.


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              17) Ghost Train, Choo Choo!: In the very early hours of the morning, at a certain subway station, an unmarked train stops in between scheduled arrivals. If anyone gets on, they do not reach their destination. They simply disappear. This has been happening for two weeks now.

              In truth, the train is a Ghost Train, by a quirk of fate able to shift through the Shroud and into the skinlands. Reality - perhaps in an attempt to smooth over this violation of the natural order - transforms its appearance to match that of a typical subway train in the system. It's true face is that of a significantly older passenger train, decorated both inside and out in a baroque style. When passengers get on, they ride for a few minutes in a normal subway car, before the lights cut out for a moment, and they come back on to show the train for what it truly is. What's more, the car is filled with ghosts, though few are in any state to realize they are even dead.

              Eventually, the train stops in a station, letting the living passengers enter the Shadowlands directly. Highly irregular, and any Mage would know it. As would any Wraith around; the breathing intruders stand out like a sore thumb. As yet, the station is isolated from the rest of the station - an island of relative calm in a chaotic and oppressive realm of the dead. Those few Wraiths who have noticed the growing group of distressed mortals haven't done anything to them thus far - either out of pity, curiosity, or a desire to feed on their heightened emotions. The mortals have been lucky so far, but that good fortune will run out soon. Eventually, either the Hierarchy, Specters, or simply bitter Wraiths will find out about it, and descend upon the location with extreme prejudice.

              The mortals need to be rescued quickly, or they will all suffer terrible fates.