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  • (91) The Second Massasa War Continues. The PCs are visited by a member of the Order of Hermes whose chantry was devastated in the Second Massasa War. This mage has vengeance on the Tremere and other vampires (not knowledge enough to tell the difference nor does he or she care) on his or her mind. The mage is lobbying for destruction of the local vampires at one of their feeding haunts. This could be a local night club, a church, a city park, or so forth. The Order of Hermes mage is really pushy and is likely on a suicide mission.

    How do the PCs react?


    • 92) Years after the venerable Archmaster's demise, the name of Porthos Fits-Empress has been making the rounds in the local city. Not among the Awakened - which is unsurprising - but among the Sleepers. "Who is Porthos Fits-Empress?" is a phrase that has been popping up increasingly often lately, for no obvious reason. It's tagged in graffiti lining the subway walls and tenement halls. It's being dropped incidentally in conversation. It's even got a hashtag going on social media, which is slowly making it spread outside the city limits. And like that famous saying of Rand's - "Who is John Galt?" - no one seems to know what it means. It's just become the common meme, spreading from one person to another. Like Rand's line, it has come to be used as a blase means of stating one's ignorance. And if it had been a direct literary reference to John Galt, it might just be a revived meme. But it's not John Galt, or even any regular name. It's the name of a luminary of the Order of Hermes, and a mourned casualty to the Ascension War.

      So why is it suddenly so popular to talk about? Did some post-punk Hermetic decide to honor the old master in his own way? Or, like in Atlas Shrugged, is this the sign of some grander conspiracy going around?


      • 93) a very old ambassador from the middle east is due to speak on national television in the next week. His aura marks him as a mage, but his allegiances aren't clear, which is why the new world order's been keeping him off the air. So far he's avoided being assassinated. He's also managed to win over enough high profile sleepers that he might get a chance at saying what he wants.

        That's not the most disturbing part. Technocrats sent after him are starting to die, sleeper politicians are being mind controlled instead of just persuaded, and even a few technocrats have somehow fallen under his mental dominion. Who is this old mage? how is he able to single handedly take on the NWO in this? And what does he have to say that's so damn important?

        94) A local tea shop has become a huge hit. No one really knows why. They love it. It's just something about the way it's made. Even people who hate tea have an urge to try it, and often like it.
        A few weeks later people start to awaken their avatars at the shop. Three days later every new mage that awakens like this dies mysteriously. This repeats three times. Three days after the third group dies, everyone in the city with a random trait(anything, red hair, a name that begins with J, a brown pet rabbit) goes on TV and declares that the tea shop makes an ancient magical tea that confers great wisdom. Three more days pass and these people all awaken, but they do not die like the others did.
        Does the tea shop owner know what's happening and why? Or is he a pawn? Did these up till now sleepers somehow know what would happen, or are they pawns themselves?
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        • 95) A mage received a Wonder as a gift from their mentor. A platinum amulet, with a pitch black pearl set inside. It acts as a Periapt, and has been Matter 5 enchanted against any harm short of fifth level Sphere ability. That's the good news. The bad news is that, unbeknownst to either mentor or student, the amulet isn't just a Wonder. It's also the Phylactery of a Nephandus. A Nephandus who just incarnated again, and will be seeking the source of their magick. Moreover, because the amulet contains the soul and/or Avatar of a Fallen, using the item naturally carries malign Resonance, and could even attempt to influence the mage.

          96) One member of the local Chantry is currently suffering from a highly disruptive Paradox Flaw, which prevents them from being subtle in the presence of Sleepers. Sleepers like the mage's family, with whom the mage has a prior engagement that can't be postponed or canceled. The Flaw is such that the environment around the mage is affected in a noticeable way, so simple illusions or the like cannot help. The mage, quite simply, cannot attend their own engagement, yet at the same time dares not NOT attend. They figure, however, that with a little Correspondence and Mind magick, the mage could feed lines to a stand-in, provided said stand-in could shapeshift or illusion their way into looking like the mage. And it just so happens that one of the PCs is known for their ability in such. It also just so happens that the Flaw-afflicted mage is extremely insistent that they be helped, no matter how little the PC may want to render such aid...


          • 97) If one of the PCs has the Totem background, that spirit contacts the character, ordering them to investigate the disappearance of a werewolf or werewolves who also swear allegiance to the Totem. The Totem doesn't specify what the shifter(s) was/were doing, or why the Totem felt they were so vitally important as to throw one of its Awakened followers at the problem. All the mage learns is that the werewolf or werewolves disappeared after entering a particular corporate facility (the mage is unlikely to know what Pentex is, and the Totem isn't sharing). In addition to the headaches caused by Pentex - and any Syndicate agents that may have ties to the particular subsidiary - the mage may also bump into other werewolves, who would rather the mage not investigate. They don't take "No" or "I'm on a mission from [Totem Name]" for an answer. Nor are they necessarily Black Spiral Dancers.


            • 98) The local Technocracy Amalgam - consisting of two Progenitors, a Syndicate member and an Iteration-X er - has for the sixth time during a council expressed skepticism and reluctance in ever reaching understanding with the Traditions True Mages in the city. Over a decade ago the existence of such a state of matters has been set by senior Technocrats as the condition that would call for a different approach. Thus, a New World Order White Suit attended by a dozen Extraordinary Citizens has arrived personally to neutralize any Traditions influence within both the mundane human and any Nightfolk matters; and to try to make any and all Acolytes of the Tradition Cabals join the Technocracy. For a start. This is not a return to the attitude from the days of the so-called Pogrom, though - the Tradition True Mages simply can't be trusted to wield any real power that is not clearly tertiary compared to what the Technocrats in the city will be able to achieve in years to come if the White Suit's plans will succeed.

              The only direct hint players playing the Traditions True Mages should get that they are in for being targeted like this are the very visible changes in how the four members of the Technocrat Amalgam will be treating them; and how they will not be treating them despite the clear involvement of additional members of the Technocracy.
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              • [Whoops, wrong thread.]


                • 99) One of the PCs or their loved ones/associates has been struck with a curse. It wasn't that potent a hex, and was easily remedied with even elementary Entropy and unweaving. But it still means the character was targeted for misfortune, by parties unknown. Dealing with the curse itself was the simple part. Now they have to figure out who did the cursing and why.

                  100) On whiteboards and bulletin boards. Tucked in bags and sneaked onto electronic devices. A document has been appearing suddenly and without warning throughout town, its text finding its way into people's hands. It's only a page long, typed out, but it is fairly detailed. What it is, is directions for a ritual to summon the Green Knight. A figure of urban legend (or at least it's become an urban legend NOW, thanks to the recent activity), the Green Knight is summoned by intoning an incantation at midnight, in front of a mirror in the dark. When done right, the Green Knight appears in the mirror, offering to perform a task for the summoner in return for "a boon", as he says, "to be settled later". Perhaps it is his appearance as a knight in armor the color of corroded copper, but it's unsurprising that many of the people who called upon the spirit have asked him to commit violence. Some of the violence is done against personal enemies, some against ideological opponents or members of groups the summoners detest. Whatever the case, such targets have been assaulted, some even to death. Those who survived remember being attacked by a tall, stately figure in full plate mail.

                  What the Green Knight ultimately gets from the deal seems to vary, among those who succeed in summoning him. If investigations are made, it will reveal that many of the instances of the ritual being mysteriously passed on were just former summoners who were asked to as their part of the deal. But not all of them just make printouts of the document, write them on whiteboards, or sneak them onto people's phones when they are distracted. The Green Knight actually does have other tasks it demands, when it doesn't just sit on the boon, presumably for some future occasion. What those tasks are depends greatly on what the Green Knight ultimately wants, which is up to the Storyteller. What IS known, though, is that the Green Knight tends to call for greater repayment from those who summon him multiple times. Perhaps he seems greater value in these people in particular...


                  • [Looking through Sorcerer: Revised, I realized we don't use Psychics as much as we perhaps should.]

                    101) A handful of people living on the street have been noticed as exhibiting psychic abilities. A man shoplifting right in front of people, without being noticed (save by those with Awakened senses). A woman who scared off gang bangers by summoning a ghostly guardian made from ectoplasm. A man who frequents soup kitchens and homeless shelters, laying on hands and healing people. A kid who travels across the rooftops, and sometimes teleporting across wide gaps. The common element among all these people, aside from their mental powers, is the bar codes tattooed on their arms, and an obscure symbol along with it. Were these people escaped subjects from some experiment in psionics?

                    102) One of the PCs gets contacted by a businesswoman, who claims (credibly) to have blackmail material on them. She's had it for a while, but it cashing it in now out of desperation. Why? Well, because she's not a normal woman. She's a Psychic Vampire. And she just happened to have gotten too close to a vampire, in an attempt to feed off its abundant emotional energy. Evidently, she was not wise enough not to tangle with Night Folk far more powerful than herself. This is doubly clear since she's trying to blackmail a Mage into protecting her from her own actions.

                    While this woman is somewhat canny, she's ultimately too clever for her own good, in addition to being addicted to other people's passions. She's also in way over her head, and she knows it. She may lead with extorting the mage into assisting, she's desperate enough that if the PCs call her bluff, she'll resort to begging for help. She's not entirely without resources she could offer them, if the tables are turned on her.


                    • 103) An Order of Hermes True Mage pyromaniac seems to be acting in the town. The fires of areas and buildings have occured at a frequency of two to four per week for the last ten weeks. So far no person has died. The Order of Hermes membersrhip has been gleaned by Tradition True Mages from leftover Resonance of the fire-starting Mage Spells that she or he used at the locations of the fires; it also exclusively came up in several divinations that the Tradition members did as part of their investigation of the recent fires.
                      It seems that Forces 3 at most has been used - but the frequency, specifics of the locations and the fires, location choice, and leftover Magickal Resonance all indicate that the fire-starting Mage's goal is to quickly reach the mastery level of Forces 5 ; or to mentor some other Mage in regards to this.
                      Assuming that this Mage does not stop or is not made to stop doing this, will she or he stop starting the fires once she (or the person she is mentoring, if that is the case) reaches Forces 5, or will the pyromaniac's actions become larger in scale and scope after this point?
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                      • 104) A Sons of the Ether Mage has been gathering information, doing research and conducting tests since almost a decade - investigating the unique interaction of the the Earth's geo-magnetic field with the noosphere of the city's long-term inhabitants' thoughts. And now he is practically certain: soon it will be that Vulgar True Magick - except True Magick related to the Sphere of Spirit - will be impossible to cast in the city and in it's vicinity (On the average ten kilometres from the city's borders).
                        As the geosphere's conditions will align with the flactuations of the city's inhabitants' noosphere, and the resultant noospheric vibrations will stabilize, starting from the Sphere of Prime and then moving on to Time, Mind, Correspondence, Entropy, and finishing off with the Pattern Spheres of Forces, Matter and Life - one after the one the potential and the possibility for Vulgar Magick of each kind will fizzle out, possibly for decades, if not for centuries.

                        The only solution is to change both the geo-magnetic conditions and the city's inhabitants' noosphere's situation at the same time. ( Resolving the matter only in regards to the geo-magnetic conditions or the noosphere's situation in a given action could and in all likelihood would worsen the situation. ) The Sons of the Ether Mage knows this, and is also certain that the best way - perhaps the only way - to do this is through inducing a sequence of earthquakes. This might be because the earthquake-inducing Magick of the Etherite is a massive Forces and Matter undertaking - through shifting focus to Forces and Matter, it interrupts the fizzling of True Magick possibilities in the city. These theoretical assumptions and related diagnostics, readouts and calculations don't fully make sense and are not completely logical, but it is clear to the Etherite Mage that to accomplish the objective it should take as many ten to twelve earthquakes of varying magnitudes, at most around twenty. Each of the True Magick-induced earthquakes will also give the Etherite more time to prepare for inducing further earthquakes, so that the fizzling out of True Magick in the city might be averted.
                        The Etherite Mage has been considering Tradition Mages, Technocrats and Nephandi Mages in regards to possible allies and partners in this undertaking. He hasn't yet contacted anyone - and might decide to start carrying out his plan alone, by himself.
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                        • 105) An antagonist the PCs have killed in the past has apparently returned from death. Signs point to their return, perhaps including similar events from the character's previous activities. Is the antagonist actually alive (or undead)? Or is this some copycat? If it's the same character returned, how did they come back? If it's a copy, for what reason is this antagonist being emulated? And what significance does this antagonist's return have to the PCs?

                          106) One by one, people whose lives the PCs have saved are being murdered. By their bodies, messages are written in the victim's blood, talking about "death coming due". These messages also make indirect references to the PCs themselves, as if calling them out personally. Depending on the exact nature of the messages, law enforcement may become interested in the player characters, since the police are otherwise without leads. Even without this element, the murders are mysterious. Is the killer doing this out of some twisted principle? Or is their work a more personal vendetta against the PCs? How does the killer (or killers) know about the PCs, and who they saved? And can the PCs protect other potential victims?


                          • 107) While doing research (for whatever), one of the PCs learns that a rare volume contains the information they need. They discover this through another book, which references the text. Asking around, the PC can discover that one copy is known to exist...within the archives of a member of the Ancient Order of the Aeon Rites. If the PC gets in contact with this person, they could be persuaded to loan the book out, provided the PC do a favor in return. They are asked by this Aeon Rites sorcerer to seek information about one of the sorcerer's old students, an order initiate who disappeared. The teacher suspects the student may have been poached by some other magical society.

                            In point of fact, the student is perfectly fine, because the group that poached him was the Order of Hermes. He's an Awakened member, and anyone with Order of Hermes contacts could find their whereabouts. The problem is that informing the Aeon Rites sorcerer of this would potentially compromise the secrecy of the Order of Hermes. Is the PC willing to do so, in exchange for this book? And does the student even want to be found?


                            • 108) A rumor circulates in the supernatural community, that a certain item is loose somewhere in the city. The item is an unlabeled bottle, with a rounded base. The alleged contents: water from the fountain of youth. Such stories are a dime a dozen among Night Folk, of course. Except...the rumors aren't going away like they usually do. Information brokers - mundane or otherwise - keep running offers of money to anyone with information. Those with oracular ability, from Cult of Ecstasy mages to Malkavian kooks, down to random fortune tellers, continue to speak of it as genuine. And more than a few people - detectives, armed thugs, and spooks in suits - travel around town, using any method to get a lead on the bottle. Some Night Folk insist they've SEEN a guy take a sip from the bottle, a become young, right before their eyes.

                              Sure, it's incredible, even for those who deal in the supernatural on a daily/nightly basis. But nonetheless, enough people take the idea seriously. At least some people are desperate enough to seek it out. Because even if it's far fetched...what if?


                              • 109) A Cult of Ecstasy Mage and an Order of Hermes Mage in the city have started working together with the Camarilla Vampires of the city due to other Tradition Mages in the city not helping them deal with the strong influence that a Technocracy Amalgam has over the city.