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Where to go to find M20 games?

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  • Where to go to find M20 games?

    I love Awakening but when M20 came out I decided I wanted to see what it was all about. I've fallen in love with it, too.

    My problem?

    Roll20, WhiteWolf Subreddit, everywhere I've looked to find games, no one is running this (save ONE M20 game on Roll20 that uses "u"s and "" and "<3" in the game description...) I'm looking for a more substantial introduction to the setting with a table of people who like to have fun while being true to the nature of the game.

    I would just run it myself, but I foreverDM everything else in my life, and I don't have enough time to learn a system AND run it for my players AND then hope they'll want to continue with it. Besides, I'm just really in a mood to play something for once.

    Can anyone suggest a place to find a good M20 game? (Or WoD games in general?)

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    In my description there is a link to a Facebook group I run, and a gentleman in there was starting to run a Mage 20th game. Its called "Emerald City" and I believe he has a Facebook group for it too.

    For different game play videos of White Wolf Games from my play group
    If you want to find White Wolf game play media or subject matter media


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      I take it you mean "where on the Internet"


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        I hope it is where on the internet >.< I can't offer you a place at my table


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          Because I was about to ask where you live and then google all the hobby stores near you!


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            I'd reccomend for online roll playing. It's a really great website, there's a bunch of groups looking for players for almost every ruleset. My girlfriend and I are using it almost exclusively to play our games. It's a bit clunky in terms of map design and you'd probably need Skype or else to host real sessions, as the implemented chat and video chat options are still in heavy development, but still, having online character sheets and the ST can controll everything you can (and can't) see is a pretty cool thing, not quite possible if just using skype or doing a forum play.