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  • Is there any information regarding

    Russian/Soviet Technocracy and their involvement of the Russian Revolution, the Cold War and other various junctures and vital events of Soviet history? Their is a vast repository of activities and political/social involvement of Russian Vampires, as well as Werewolves. However I have never seen any notable reference of Technocratic or Traditional activity on Russia, despite the fact of doubtlessly instrumental roles and responsibilities of the Russian Technocracy.

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    There's this huge gap in writing regarding that. Can't find anything either.

    Maybe this can help serve as some sort of inspirational material.

    And maybe this as a starting point for inspirational material.


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      Really no information, even probable conjecture, at all?


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        With some looking I see a paragraph here

        and a smidgen here


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          I've actually been leafing through my books and scouring the net since I saw your post.


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            Seems like, if there's really nothing out there, we'll have to look at Russian History and make stuff up.


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              It's one of the cases where the decision to have the NWO entries in the GuideTech and Convention Books present "multiple-choice" histories sort of leaves an empty space. The Guide-Trads has a bit on local non-technomancer Trad stuff (and Baba Yaga) on pgs 137-139. You can't miss it because, oh man, the adjacent art.

              Offhand, we can probably reasonably conjecture:

              1.) A heavy NWO presence. The Soviet NWO probably leads a not-quite-splinter-faction of the Union (akin to the East Asian "branch" of the tree) that is ostensibly in accord with the Western brethren but functionally in a state of interdepartmental sniping. The three "engineer" Conventions are probably split evenly (or just trying to avoid getting involved), but the minority-Soviet-Syndicate is basically in a secret knife fight with their cousins, where everyone acts like it's just business as usual while frantically trying to undermine their rivals.

              2.) The SoE is canonically into the Soviet bloc; they're ideologically sympathetic to the technocratic (small-t) elements of the Communist project. It was the SoEs that brokered the truce during WWII (see Guide-Trads), so we can assume that there's a lot of Etherite presence, and that they are on agreeable if not amicable terms with the Union in the region, at least until the late 60s when the Pogrom picks up.

              The early portion is close enough to the break that it may be a very real possibility that the Soviet NWO can talk the Etherites into defecting back. Or, uh, undefecting. Refecting?

              I suspect there's also some degree of movement between the Etherites and the Conventions - if the non-Soviet Union is being shitty to their cousins about funding, etc., it may make the more freewheeling Etherites more attractive. Conversely, the reliability and familiarity of the Conventions might lure some Etherites back - the Trads take a long time to warm up to the defectees, and they're not going to be chipping in on any projects, so from the SoE side it'd certainly look like their "enemies" are better friends than their "allies."

              That's mostly what comes to mind.

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                Let's see what needs filling up.

                We know that the Celestial Chorus, Verbena, and Cult of Ecstasy are relatively powerful traditions in Russia from the time of the revolution to the collapse of the Soviet Union and are probably something the Technocracy had to deal with. The Chorus went underground, the Verbena take a huge hit but somehow survive, and the Cult of Ecstacy is likewise greatly reduced by the Communist regime.

                Guide to the traditions also mentions that the Euthanatoi of the Golden Chalice sect thrived in the time of the Tzars but are all but destroyed after the Communists come to power. Likely they came into conflict with the Technocracy early on in Soviet history.

                Kalmyk was once an Akashic stronghold until Stalin had the nation deported en masse to the gulags.

                Dreamspeakers are found in Russia in small number and other Traditions in even smaller number. (Where the

                (Maybe the whole communist thing was a Technocracy attempt to create a post-money, post-traditional belief system, mono-cultural society.)

                We should probably start figuring out what the Tech was doing in Russia around the 1905 Russian Revolution and go on from there.
                So there's the:
                Revolution of 1905 (Supposedly, the Sons of Ether had defected to the Traditions around this time)
                World War 1 and the whole Rasputin thing, whatever that was
                (Czar Vargo and his ill-fated attempt to stop the Great War)
                The Russian Revolution, and the overthrow of the Tsars in 1917, and where Lenin and Stalin fit in in this
                The Russian Civil War and the actual formation of the Soviet Union
                The period of rapid change to Russian society, economic and industrial transformation, and collectivization
                Preparations for WW2 and WW2 itself (The Virtual Adepts were secretly supporting the Allies at this time)
                The aftermath of WW2 and the start of the Cold War
                The death of Stalin
                (The supposed assassination of Alan Turing and the Defection of the Virtual Adepts)
                Russia's nuclear and space program
                The Cuban Missile Crisis
                How Russia fell behind during the 1965 computerization of modernized economies
                The 1970s increase in oil prices that helped the Soviet Economy
                The Breakup of the Union over the course of 1982 to 1991
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