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can the stormwarden merit be improved?

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  • can the stormwarden merit be improved?

    the weaker version i mean. can it happen "naturally"(i.e xp)

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    If the St says it's ok, I don't see why not.


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      It can happen "naturally" in the sense of being an innate quality, for example, that the character possessed all along but didn't evince or manifest until either A) the Avatar Storm manifested, or B) something else occurred in the course of events that caused that aspect of the character/his avatar/what-have-you to manifest or further (A)waken. (That's a legitimate in-narrative rationale for the game mechanic aspect of buying said Merit for "x" XP, of whatever level and/or homebrew cost the ST determines for his setting.) Keep in mind that in-narratively, the vast majority of mages would have had absolutely no idea who was/wasn't a "Stormwarden" until "x" happened; the meta-narrative conceit of purchasing "x" Merits that are Reality Dependent(tm) falls flat in conveying the more accurate in-narrative truth of things in this regard. It's perfectly reasonable for an ST to suggest "x" for a character, or for a player to suggest such for his character based on relative factors.

      (This is definitely one of of those cases where the meta-game thinking "colors" the (P)aradigm(tm) of things -- stepping back and looking at things from a different POV clears things very quickly. I mean, hell -- *either* version (the personal or the applies to others version) of Stormwarden can be something that manifests "spontaneously" or via a certain circumstance/exposure for a given character... it's just up to the ST and the players to figure out if/when such is appropriate or "correct" for a given character in question: for most, the answer would more legitimately be "no", because the Merit in question is supposed to be very rare/contextually powerful; however, for a few, it is perfectly reasonable and even something that certain mages would "expect" to have as an innate quality -- such mage as certain Marauders, mages who have dimensionally highly-interconnected (P)aradigms, and/or those who also possess certain innate blood/mystical lineages.)

      I have been around here for waaaayyyy too fucking long...