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    Anyone who mixes drinks around here?
    I was looking online at Geeky Cocktails and thought I'd try my hand at a mage version and realized I'd probably make some terrible drinks.

    What came to mind:
    A Traditions drink made up of 9 different flavors that don't quite get along.
    Verbena, Mead, & Crab Apple Wassail for the Verbena
    Multiple Illegal substance Cult of Ecstasy drink
    Dreamspeaker Iboga juice

    I was wondering if maybe people here had better ideas or were interested in it.
    I'll probably come up with better stuff eventually
    I was just wondering if there was anyone here who actually knows their drinks and can maybe lend a hand.

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    I was not mature enough to handle a drink called Vulgar Effect back at M20 launch, and I'm not now.


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      Now that I am almost properly awake and not inebriated, I find myself thinking that these guys are probably really a terrible group to base good drinks on.

      The Akashic Brotherhood would probably get something like a mix of Kung Fu energy drink and traditional snake wine or else some non-alcoholic tonic of green tea, ginseng, and ginko biloba extract; I'm having trouble imagining the Celestial Chorus having something not based on Mompo; and I can't even imagine what Iteration X or Progenitor drinks should taste like.


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        Order of Hermes is totally an Old fashioned.


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          Originally posted by Synapse View Post
          I was not mature enough to handle a drink called Vulgar Effect back at M20 launch, and I'm not now.
          What was in a Vulgar Effect?


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            Syndicate: Bloody Mary for breakfast on a weekday morning. Dry vodka martini at lunch. Evening? Scotch with ice. None of this cocktail foolishness.
            Iteration X: a vaportini (look it up)
            Progenitors drink beer, preferably unfiltered—they like their booze to be alive. Either that or the kind of tequila with the worm in it.

            The Progenitor player in my playgroup knows a cocktail called the Mox Sapphire, which is a mini-bottle of gin dumped into a 12oz can of Moxie. Drink the cocktail from the can. (I don't recommend this.)

            Euthanatos: Death in the Afternoon (absinthe+champagne)

            Absinthe is probably the answer to a lot of Traditions drinks, actually.


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              Those certainly sound better than my original thoughts


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                Originally posted by GogariGlenRoss View Post
                What was in a Vulgar Effect?

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