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Summoning an Incarna

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  • Summoning an Incarna

    Say that there is 5 mages. Each of them have 5 on Spirit, and 4 on everything else. Can they summon an incarna to do something, and if so, how would they go about convincing the incarna to help them?

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    Sounds more like like a plot thing, so St hand wave. If you want to roll it out though it would probably be some big long ritual under very specific conditions


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      Yep. Exactly as BurritoMage said.

      A few observations:

      1° Spirit 2 it's enough to summon any spirit (4 it's to compell it to come). However the higher level a mage has in Spirit, the higher respect he has among the Spirit world. Since an Incarna isn't going to be easily "forced" to come (and doing so will surely anger the spirit, and I assume you don't want to be the target of a god's ire), having great Spirit may be marginaly better than having it lower.

      2° Incarna's never go to Earth. It's not just that they don't want to, but it's actually extremely difficult for them to appear in person outside of the Umbra. An Incarna will almost surely send an avatar to speak witn the Mage.

      If you want the Incarna itself to appear, it's akin to what Nephandi were doing in WW2 to summon their masters. You may be interested in their doings in order to gauge the difficulty of the feat.

      3° An Incarna has a host of spirits that work for them. Why should the Incarna answer a summon instead of just sending a minor spirit to negotiate with the mages?. In fact, why shouldn't the Incarna summon the mage to it's realm to speak properly?

      The polite way of bargaining with an Incarna it's to visit their Realm. Summoning him it's very arrogant of the mages to beggin with, and the most likely answer would be not to come.

      Forcing it to come would be very unwise, and it would be the stuff of legends. Aka, it would be more difficult.

      4° Incarna are all different. Not all will want the same thing, not all will answer to the same things. The ritual, and how would they go about convincing it should vary between spirits and what do you ask of them. They will probably want something big, since you got them to come to the muddball, but the ST has to decide how the spirit thinks.

      It would be wise of the Mages to research everything that has anything to do with that spirit.

      5° In Horizon: Stronghold of Hope, summoning and binding an Incarna was a ritual of Spirit 6 . While this use of the Spheres has been deprecated to some extent, it gives an idea of the dificulty we're talking.
      As in, Archmaster level of difficulty. However, that it's hard doesn't mean you can't do it.
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        To echo Aleph, I don't think Spirit 5 in multiple hands would be enough to compel an incarna level spirit to appear, for that you'd need Spirit 6 and a whole lot of successes. It would do for opening a gateway to the home of one and personally entreating it, and Spirit 2 is all that's really necessary to make it aware of your request.

        As for the convincing, lots of chiminage and ass-kissing.


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          Originally posted by Matt the Bruins fan View Post
          lots of chiminage and ass-kissing.
          Better stick with this.