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    So one of the PCs has been trying since the beginning to work his way up in the ranks. Ambitious career-ladder climber.

    Well, as they sat, "Be careful what you wish for," because he's about to become the "Acting Director" of a minor Technocracy field office.

    I need help thinking of ridiculously mundane and boring tasks and job requirements. Besides signing off on payroll and expense reports, what else can I saddle him with that is stupid and boring?

    Feel free to use your own work experiences as inspiration.

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    Have him write reports, a lot of them. His supervisor is a micromanagement maniac and want his assessment on nearly every action taken under the PC's command.


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      Have him attend "leadership" workshops, safety planning meeting, committees that plan meetings for other committee meetings.


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        What does this office do?. Depending on what's the role of the character and his superiors in the Union we could giving them different kinds of boring tasks.


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          Conference calls where he has to speak up every few minutes is a good one.



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            Oh, I like leadership training workshops. I'm sure Control puts on some excellent "trainings."

            The office was a dispatch center from which Void Engineers ran expeditions into a hostile extradimensional zone. The expeditions are officially cancelled so the office doesn't have much to do other than maintain their cover (a climate change research thinktank). The non-renewal of their funding isn't scheduled until the next Symposium.

            Lots of budget reports make a lot of sense. How is your money being spent? How can your activities be used to generate revenue?*

            *(the hostile extradimensional zone is allegorical global warming. It's a world-ending calamity that needs to be averted, but at the same time it's potentially very profitable, so there's some interest in putting off collapsing it as long as possible).


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              Oh, wow. Thanks, you guys. That just made me think of something.

              He could be asked to peer-review other office's reports.

              The Audit is an entirely new Methodology within the Syndicate that I invented just for this Chronicle. I've been trying to think of how to introduce how much of an existential threat The Audit is to them.

              Some other office who he throws under the bus (which he will, this character is a dick) could get eliminated, but not just cut funding, their research data gets deleted, and their agents get a one-way ride in a van with bags over their heads.


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                This character loves using Mind to Multitask, I could have one of his successes be drained away by attending to a conference call during action scenes. That would be hilarious.


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                  Originally posted by GogariGlenRoss View Post
                  This character loves using Mind to Multitask, I could have one of his successes be drained away by attending to a conference call during action scenes. That would be hilarious.



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                    Risk assessment and damage assessment forms.

                    Keepers of the Wyck: A Chronicle I'm running FINALE: Chapter 39: Green Fairy


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                      Don't forget Things Going Wrong. Not supernatural things, mind. Being attacked by extradimensional beings or superstitionists could potentially be interesting. I mean mundane Things Going Wrong around the office. Utilities like power or water getting broken or shut off, or the building's WiFi going in and out. Matters that are wholly un-exciting, yet absolutely need to be addressed. Yet the only way to address it is to contact specialists - like municipal workers, private contractors, or IT personnel - and get them in to fix the problem.

                      What follow is a lot of waiting and making frustrated phone calls, trying to someone who will do something. The office will probably not have a dedicated IT guy on hand to fix router issues - any that it did have were transferred to more important sites when the expeditions stopped. And city or corporate utilities get mired in red tape. If you've ever lost power, water, or telecom access, you know how much of a nightmare it can be just arranging for it all to be fixed. And then pitching a fit when it turns out that, even when the problem gets fixed (two weeks after you were told it would fixed), it still isn't really fixed, breaking down repeatedly.

                      As Acting Director for the site, dealing with this is YOUR problem. YOU have to make all those calls, repeat your problem over and over to technicians who apparently didn't make a note after your last call, and wait for people to come this morning...or this afternoon...or tomorrow...or Monday...or whenever the people bother to show up. You can't hardly get any other work done in the meantime, since you have to be ready to meet with them at any time. Wanna go out and investigate REAL problems, like Reality Deviants? Tough luck, you need to stay at the office until the electrician shows up.

                      To top it all off, this office is set to be de-funded and closed, rendering all these headaches pointless in the long run. But you can't leave it alone, or workers will complain, etc.

                      None of this even getting into the question over whether an electrician even CAN enter the facility, if it would mean exposing them to Technocrat secrets. So you have to juggle the task of getting them to solve the mundane problem, and preventing them from learning or seeing too much.


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                        You guys are the best.


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                          Let's see...

                          1) There's paperwork for every onsite injury. That includes repetitive motion injuries, slip and falls, and strangely enough, jamming your finger putting your luggage in the overhead compartments on a commercial airplane. Yes, some places will call that last one an onsite injury. I've seen it.

                          2) Some agent wants permission to measure the curl of the linoleum in the hallways.

                          3) The electronic standard promotion/transfer form will only accept a 7 digit employee id code. Employee codes are 9 digits. So every assignment has to be filed along with several exception and alteration forms. Due to a few mixups, all of these have to be approved by the Acting Director or the head of HR. Unfortunately the head of HR was transferred somewhere classified, and only HR can approve a transfer to an HR position.

                          4) The linoleum squares in the hallways are curled a few hundredths of a degree beyond authorized maximums. The director needs to authorize replacements. It's the head of operations day off, so the director needs to authorize the change.

                          5) The division is shifting over to a new set of accounts for payroll. For whatever reason, the folks in accounting don't have clearance to access the new routing numbers. No one is going to get paid until the Acting Director gets it for them.

                          6) Some Progenitor has heard about the tile replacement and wants to test some kind of new smart tile. Now the director has read a risk report.

                          7) Given the cover story, the facility is probably called upon to provide cover identities for various unaffiliated technocrats. Plausible paper trails and all that. The Director might be able to avoid the paperwork on that one, but he's going to have to roll up his sleeves when one of those cover identities makes a very public gaffe... such as demonstrating that he knows absolutely nothing about climate change (perhaps he thought the group was in charge of terraforming). Actual damage control will be done by someone else, but the Director will have to handle every inquiry and complaint from every local environmental group personally to avoid future gaffes.

                          8) Someone's tripped on the new living tiles. See entry (1)
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