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Ideas for a Bata"a Street Bokor

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  • Ideas for a Bata"a Street Bokor

    Hi, I'm getting ready to start a new character as the only player with a Bata'a street bokor. I've taken the Legend and Totem backgrounds at 3 with both centerd on Kalfu.

    My paradigm is Gods and Monsters with Haitian Vodou as practice and most focuses centered on rituals, so nothing really fast.

    I've chosen Primordial Essence and have a Monster Nature and Rebel Demeanor. Though not an outright murderer there is not a lot he's opposed to. And yeah, his life expectancy isn't real long. The story will be starting is Haiti and moving to Louisiana I'm told.

    My question is about thematic magic. Mainly dealing with curses and spirits. I've seen a few 80s voodoo type movies when i was a kid but otherwise know little to nothing about voodoo culture.

    My starting spheres are Spirit 3, Mind 1, Prime 1 Entropy 1. I plan to begin mostly with speaking with spirits and awakening spirits in object and places. With plans to raise entropy to 2 asap. I'm mostly looking for cultural blessings and curses as well as flavorful effects, not necessarily aggressive or combative magic.

    Necromany isn't off the table but it's not a primary focus, and I'm not starting with the ability to do so.

    Thanks for the help

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    Hi. Sorry, I'm not too familiar with that style of Magick. This seems to have a lot of interesting information though, maybe it can help.


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      That has a lot, thank you.