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  • Alchemy

    Any one got ideas of alchemy, how to rp it properly, ideas for some potions (like a potion that heals, another one that makes heart beats faster like adrenaline and raise speed or idk . . .yeah anyway).
    I'm kinda' new to this Alchemy thingie any hints, tips, help us much appreciated.
    Also what exactly should I roll to research? how will that help me during my experiments and what to roll while performing one or creating a potion?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Are you talking alchemy as a tool for effects? For example the healing potion, which would be a life effect.


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      No not as a tool for effect more like uh an art, study, science and such. like Inventing machines and robots for sons of ether.


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        Originally posted by Leonardo View Post
        like Inventing machines and robots for sons of ether.
        Those are tools for effects though.
        If I make a grow light that causes plants to grow bigger, faster and stronger (side effects may include giant bugs) it's still a device for magical/awakened science purposes.

        If you use alchemy to change lead into gold it's still a matter sphere effect.
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          In that case I'm thinking of alchemy for stuff that may include life magick like combining the ingredients with a bacteria made with life magick for some specific purposes maybe? My main purpose is how I can use alchemy to affect a human body and such.


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            Originally posted by Leonardo View Post
            In that case I'm thinking of alchemy for stuff that may include life magick like combining the ingredients with a bacteria made with life magick for some specific purposes maybe? My main purpose is how I can use alchemy to affect a human body and such.
            So basically your looking for cool ways to cause life effects with alchemy.


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              More or less yeah.


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                Paradigmatically, you could probably hack something out of the Humors theory of medicine and traditional alchemy. Alchemy was all about breaking down physical substances in order to rebuild them into 'higher' forms. Humors theory of medicine basically was a whacky version of chemistry were people were filled with various substances with different effects upon their health, mental and physical.

                So you use alchemy to create intensely refined versions of your natural humors to encourage certain traits. Or to create entirely 'new' humors in order to add things totally unnatural.


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                  To expand on Humorism, some historians think that the four humors - Yellow Bile, Black Bile, Phlegm, and Blood - referred to what happened when blood was allowed to sit in containers and settle into layers. Yellow Bile was Plasma, Blood was red blood cells, Black Bile were red blood cells that had died first and clotted into black sludge, and Phlegm were white blood cells. So don't get confused about terms like "Phlegm" and "Bile" as outlined in modern medicine, and their likely ancient meanings. It's all about blood.

                  The Humors were tied to various other things, including temperaments, the four classical elements, seasons, ages, internal organs, and the duel "qualities" of moist/dry and warm/cold (which each being one of the combinations of the two axises). Fiddling with the Humor balance could have obvious applications to Life, Forces, and Mind.

                  In other Alchemical matters, take a look at the classical elements themselves (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water), and to the various metals (Lead, Iron, Gold, Silver, etc.). In the former case, the Book of Crafts, in its section on the Children of Knowledge (the premier Alchemy specialists), state that the form and containers for various substances used for Effects depended often upon the element it most keyed with. An Effect used to summon fire or strike a person with fever would be a burnable tablet or hunk of incense, that would be set alight and produce smoke (or, in more modern times, be put into a smoke grenade). A Effect used to heal wounds or impart water-breathing might take the form of a potion, or other enchanted liquid. It's a good idea to read Book of Crafts for this chapter alone, if only for the broad strokes explanation for Alchemical praxis.

                  Metals have their own set of correspondences to various other parallel catagories of magical tools; the result of Hermetics trying to key sympathetic ties between everything and everything else, and codify them. You'll want to have a look at the Seven Metals of Antiquity (Gold, Silver, Copper, Tin, Lead, Iron, and Mercury) in particular, as they have the greatest body of lore attributed to them. They all key to one of the seven classical planets (Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and Mercury), which further key into a bunch of other areas of expertise. An Alchemist would draw upon metals for their transitive sympathetic properties, either using the metal whole (like by brandishing a ring or rod), or by incorporating the metal into some potion or other substance. Silver, the metal of the Moon, might channel that planet's connection to emotions and phase changing. Mercury (the metal) might be used to invoke Mercury (the planet) in its association with intellect and communication.

                  These sorts of things are kind of complicated - requiring a lot of charts - so researching particulars might be difficult. I happen to have a PDF copy of Cicero's Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition, which has a chapter detailing many associations tied to Hebrew words and letters, the classical elements, the Zodiac, and the classical planets. You may or may not be able to find a copy or PDF of that, but someone has probably posted charts online if you look hard enough. Wikipedia has some.


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                    One of my own personal proclivities as being bani Solificati has been to tack Herbalism into Alchemy. There are all sorts of neat books call Herbals that your character can use, and many of the older ones have folklorish information regarding different plants. Different cultures also have differing folklores about their own plants. You also have a benefit there of being able to use various parts of the plant (seeds, roots, leaves, flowers, etc.) to put in your formula. Your Mage might have a formula for a sleep potion that involves brewing the juice of crabapples with the bark of a baobab tree and a sprig of mint.

                    Come to think of it, there's also an Ars Magica book that has a society of herbalists. I'll look through my books later and add which book it is.
                    EDIT: The Ars Magica book is 'Houses of Hermes - Societates.' The group are the Pharmacopoeians, part of Ex Miscellanea.

                    Also, WoW. They have a nice assortment of alchemy potions and salves that an Alchemist might make. Look it up on WoWwiki.

                    Lastly, do you have 'Halls of the Arcanum?' It has a fantastic appendix on Alchemy.
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