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Need a bit of help for pregenerated characters (based on characters from app games)

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  • Need a bit of help for pregenerated characters (based on characters from app games)

    So I want to make a few pregenerated characters for mage based off characters from popular app games.

    I was thinking Stella from Bubble Witch 3 and Dave from Plants Vs. Zombies.

    For Stella I was thinking she's be built as a hermetic with Forces 3 and Matter 3.
    She'd have a rote to fly using her broom using Forces 3
    She'd have a rote (need a name for it) which lets her use a magic wand and any bubble solution to do all manner of stuff you could do with control of matter or forces
    She'd also have a rote to transmute matter in a liquid into ideal bubble solution by mixing it according to some magical recipe
    She's have a black cat familiar
    Maybe she'd have Fae Blood or allies or something (She's helping them in the game or something)
    Not sure what to do about Wilbur.

    Then comes Dave...
    How does he work?
    I was thinking Spirit 3 and Life 3
    Then I'd give him some weird plant spirit totem, and some Life 2, Spirit 3 rote that awakens a plant spirit and mutate a plant so that maybe his sunflower spirit can command it or something.
    I'm a bit hazy on that.
    I doubt I want to bother with the Time Traveling talking trailer except maybe as a portable sanctum without the time travel feature... unless I want a retarded wonder built to give me problems.

    Also, I need 3 more characters, any suggestions?

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    Don't know if this counts as an app game, but you could try generating a character in the mold of the protagonist from The Sexy Brutale. I'm only familiar with the first few sections of this puzzle/mystery game about time loops and murder, but there's already plenty to chew on.

    The protagonist is Lafcadio Boone, a preacher in the later years of his life, who wakes up in a mansion with a mask on his face. He witnesses one murder of several within the mansion, but is blessed by the "Bloody Girl" with his mask, and a pocket watch that allows him to Groundhog Day things until he can prevent the murders. Along the way, he gains several more masks from the guests he saves, which afford him more abilities. The ones I know of are one that keys him to grandfather clocks around the mansion (the save feature of the game), one that enhances his hearing (letting him to better track people's movements, and allowing him to better eavesdrop on whispered conspiracies), and one that lets him see and interact with ghosts (if combined with magic candles).

    So already we've got more than enough to establish a solid beginning character.
    -Lafcadio is a member of the Celestial Chorus
    -His Instruments start with Masks, Candles, Prayers (presumably; he is a silent protagonist), Hand Movements (making the sign of the cross, an action he performs repeatedly throughout the game), Household Objects (the many item puzzles), and his Enchanted Pocket Watch (a Unique Instrument); he's not above also appropriating the tools of other practitioners (like the Fetish of the mansion's resident "Voodoo Princess")
    -He starts with Time 3, Spirit 2, and Forces 1
    -His Avatar takes the form of the "Bloody Girl", assuming she isn't actually a ghost Ally


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      It's not an App game but I'm glad you brought it to my attention. It's pretty cool. I really like the concept of this game.

      I'm hoping for more well known characters or ones from readily downloadable games though, mostly so I can show the players "this guy/girl" on my phone


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        Anyone got anything better than these guys or suggestions for these guys?
        Jake (Subway Surfer)
        Guy Dangerous (Temple Run)
        Robbery Bob
        Cheating Tom
        Angry Gran
        Cooking Mama


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          I meant to get back to this thread the other day, but then forgot.

          Originally posted by Spacecat View Post
          Anyone got anything better than these guys or suggestions for these guys?
          Jake (Subway Surfer)
          Guy Dangerous (Temple Run)
          Robbery Bob
          Cheating Tom
          Angry Gran
          Cooking Mama
          I'm only familiar with one of these games - Cooking Mama - and even then only by cultural osmosis. Not sure how the titular character would translate to a Mage. Maybe a Verbana or Orphan, who uses food as a principle Instrument? I don't have a lot to contribute here.


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            On the other hand, if we're not limited to mobile games...might I suggest Overwatch? A vast, vast majority of them could be ported to Mage (it probably wouldn't be allowed for a player character Awakened to be a gorilla or robot). If you want technomancers, that game has them in spades.

            If that sounds appealing, I can write up some character builds for the roster.


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              I suppose, my initial idea doesn't work very well, with too few character to go around that work for mage or are popular enough. So I guess it should be alright to expand this to video games in general and see what comes up. The easier for me to point out, "this guy online", the better.


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                Excellent! I shall begin posting builds for Overwatch-inspired Mage characters. This is my new project; hope you don't mind.

                I want to stress that these are "Builds"; not what they'll start with (there are tight limits on Sphere dots and Arete for mages at character creation), but what they'll hopefully grow into given time. Feel free, when translating them to the character sheet, to focus their six default Sphere dot allotment however you see fit.

                Keep in mind also that the characters from Overwatch are refined archetypes, whose abilities are laser focused around their themes. Mage translations of them can - and indeed should be encouraged to - expand beyond their classic powers and tools. So long as it makes sense given their perceived Focus, players should be allowed to experiment.

                Certain characters in the game's roster - Winston, Zenyatta, Orisa, and Bastion - technically break the rules for character creation, since they aren't "human" and never were. Whereas before, I said they probably shouldn't be used, now I think the restrictions can be lifted. If players want to play a gorilla or a self-aware and Enlightened robot, and you the Storyteller have no problem with it, that's more important than technicalities. You could assume that these characters were once human but then got modified, or assume that robots and (presumably genetically modified) apes are capable of Awakening. Give them the same set of Traits as normal (Winston and Orisa may require the "Huge" Merit, to indicate their large size and extra Health Levels). The robots (Zenyatta, Bastion, and Orisa) may receive some kind of homebrew Merit like "Matter Organism", which uses the Matter Sphere in place of Life in terms of healing themselves, and whatever other features you think they'd logically need. All of these characters may also deserve a couple points in Permanent Paradox; balance these out with the benefits or Merits described above, in order to keep everything fair.


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                  I'll be working down the list as presented in Overwatch's character select, moving through each hero category. Starting with Attack.

                  Genji (Genji Shimada):
                  -While his status as ninja could work with the Akashayana, and his status as cyborg could apply to Iteration X, his status as Cyborg Ninja makes him a dead ringer for the Go Kamisori Gama. Rationalize his presence in the story as being him on loan from that mercenary organization on a long-term basis, to whichever sect or group the game is being run in.
                  -Paradigm: Having worked with Zenyatta to achieve inner peace (or at least to seek it), Everything's An Illusion or It's All Good - Have Faith are solid choices
                  -Practice: Martial Arts, Yoga, and Cybernetics
                  -Instruments: Weapons, Devices, Martial Arts, Armour, Hand Gestures, Voice, Meditation, Tech Implants, Acrobatics, possibly Household Items (he IS a ninja)
                  -Forces 2 to lower the pull of gravity on him, as well as to allow him to turn the pushing force of his legs into additional momentum and the ability to change direction in midair (the "double jump")
                  -Forces 2 + Time 2/3 to deflect bullets with his sword. Forces 2 for deflecting the kinetic energy, Time 2 to know where to put his blade before deflection, Time 3 to make him fast enough to deflect multiple shots in a single turn
                  -Forces 3 + Prime 2 to wreath his sword in energy that looks like a dragon (his Ultimate), possibly combined with other Spheres to reflect his greater speed and destructive power during that period.
                  -Forces 2, Time 3, or Correspondence 3 to replicate his dash; may also use Correspondence 3 for a non-standard "teleport" when using ninja parkour to infiltrate areas quickly (see also The Order of Reason sourcebook from Mage: The Sorcerer's Crusade, p. 68).
                  -As a cyborg, give Genji any sort of Enhancements and Advantages you feel are appropriate; points in Armour, sensory Effects in his helmet, Matter 4 systems for storing and feeding shurikens to his hand (observe his reload animation), built-in footpads or climbing spikes, etc.
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                    McCree (Jesse McCree)
                    -Either Iteration X or, more likely given his roguish ways and antiquated western style, Society of Ether (specifically Adventurer)
                    -Paradigm: Might Is Right, A World Of Gods And Monsters, or even Bring Back The Golden Age
                    -Practice: Hypertech or Cybernetics or Weird Science, possibly Gutter Magick or Dominion; McCree gets by more with skill and clever use of mundane equipment than overtly supernatural power
                    -Instruments: Weapons, Eye Contact, Gadgets (if you call a flash grenade a gadget) & Inventions, Athletics, Fashion, Social Domination, Voice
                    -Forces 2 will probably be used to buff his mundane equipment, making his gunshots hit harder and his flash grenades explode brighter
                    -Entropy 2 may be useful to tip odds in his favor, and let him avoid attacks when he rolls
                    -Time 3 for both his "Fan The Hammer" and "Deadeye" attacks (the "It's High Noon" Ultimate), both of which allow him to fire multiple shots in rapid succession; Deadeye may also benefit from Correspondence 1
                    -Due to time in the past as a gang member with ties to weapons smuggling, and a present as a bounty hunter, likely has many Allies and Contacts in the criminal underworld.
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                      Pharah (Fareeha Amari)
                      -Iteration X, Void Engineer, Etherite, or even technomancy-focused Ngoma (making that Eye of Horus tattoo around her eye a potential Instrument)
                      -Paradigm: Bring Back The Golden Age, Divine Order And Earthly Chaos, or Tech Holds All The Answers
                      -Practice: Hypertech, possibly High Ritual Magick (if she harkens back to her Egyptian roots)
                      -Instruments: Armor, Devices And Machines, Weapons, Voice ("Justice Rains From Above!"), Vehicles (jet pack), possibly Symbols (the Eye of Horus), Computer Gear, Fashion (she has many different styles of armor)
                      -Forces 3 + Prime 2 for jet boosts and concussion blasts (the non-damaging missile that moves people around)
                      -Forces 2 to increase the potency of her rockets, and to protect her from her own shots (while also converting it into force to push her around, for "rocket jumps")
                      -Matter 4 + Prime 2 for her Rocket Barrage ("Justice...!" etc.), transforming parts of her suit to spawn dozens of rocket launchers, and to create loads of rockets from nothing.
                      -Correspondence 1/2 to give herself vision like a hawk (either from the wedjet tattoo or her helmet's systems)
                      -Her armor might be a Wonder, giving her passive increases to strength and armor
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                        Cool. Those do seem to fit well.


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                          Thanks. Here's more.

                          Reaper (Gabriel Reyes)
                          -Given his past as a subject in a super soldier program, he could fit as a Progenitor, in Damage Control. Presently, though, he might fit either as Euthanatos, or unaligned (he IS a terrorist).
                          -Paradigm: Might Is Right, A World Of Gods And Monsters, or One Way Trip To Oblivion
                          -Practice: Weird Science, Dominion, Witchcraft, and/or Maleficia
                          -Instruments: Weapons, Voice, Movement, Fashion, Elements (Shadows), Armor, possibly Blood or Human Remains
                          -Correspondence 3 for his ability to teleport. Naturally.
                          -Life 4 + either Matter 3 or Forces 3, to employ his "Wraith form"; the former combination turns him into dust or smoke, the latter into shadows
                          -Forces 2 to manipulate darkness, which is something he would probably do; probably also used to make his shotgun blasts more potent
                          -Life 2 to heal his wounds (likely Instrument is dead bodies, since he's Paradigmatically "devouring the life force of his victims")
                          -Since he's constantly discarding empty shotguns and pulling out new ones, we can assume that's magick too. Either Correspondence 2 (possibly plus Matter 2) to teleport pre-prepared guns to him, or Prime 2 + Matter 4 to create them ex nihilo.
                          -Time 3 for his "Death Blossom" Ultimate ("DIE! DIE! DIE!"), to fire off several shots in a short period of time. Likely conjunctional with Correspondence 1, so he can sense all the targets around him, to make them dead.
                          -According to supplementary material, Reaper's body is trapped between a state of constant decay and regeneration. To keep things simple, you could simulate the former with extra dots of Jhor Resonance, or a permanent Paradox Flaw. The latter can be done with Rapid Healing as an Advantage (M20 p. 658).
                          -Is the head of his own terrorist organization - Talon - so he's likely to have Spies, Allies, Backup, and maybe even a Cult

                          -Honestly, I'm wary about making Reaper an option for players. He works a whole lot better as an antagonist. He's motivated by bitterness and a desire for fame, even if that fame must come in the form of Infamy. Probably not a Nephandus or Marauder, but just a violent psychopath with an ax to grind.
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                            Soldier 76 (Jack Morrison)
                            -Like Gabriel Reyes, Jack was a subject in a super soldier program. Progenitor of Damage Control or Etherite are both good choices, though he's currently a vigilante (and thus may or may not be independent).
                            -Paradigm: A World Of Gods And Monsters or Bring Back The Golden Age
                            -Practice: Martial Arts, Hypertech, Medicine Work
                            -Instruments: Weapons, Gadgets & Inventions, Social Domination (Assuming Command), Devices & Machines, Visors, Voice, possibly Nanotech
                            -Forces 2 if his rifle is a mundane firearm: Forces 3 + Prime 2 if it's a energy weapon, which is more likely. Helix Rockets may or may not be mundane explosives.
                            -Life 3 for his Biotic Field, to heal himself and others
                            -Was going to give Spheres for his Sprint ability...but it might just be him running. You know, like a boring normal person.
                            -Correspondence 1 + Forces 2 + Time 3 for his "Tactical Visor" (aka Aimbot); Correspondence to keep track of target positions, Forces to guide projectiles to them, and Time to give more attacks.
                            -That Visor of his probably serves many of his sensory Effect needs. That and his honed battlefield instincts, as a former military man.
                            -Enhancements would be appropriate, especially Genengineering to improve his physical Attributes
                            -Legally Dead: probably doesn't have too many Backgrounds like Fame, Resources (save for what he can steal), and the like.


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                              Sombra (░░░░░░)
                              -Virtual Adepts, period. Hack the Planet.
                              -Paradigm: Everything Is Data or Tech Holds All The Answers
                              -Practice: Reality Hacking and Cybernetics
                              -Instruments: Computer Hardware, Brain/Computer Interface, Devices & Machines, Gadgets & Inventions, Hand Movements, Weapons, Mass Media
                              -Forces 2/3 to hack electronics, wreaking havoc on their systems and shutting down or controlling them
                              -Forces 2 for personal cloaking device; that she can sprint during it is probably just athletics again
                              -Forces 3 + Prime 2 to create holograms, especially holographic displays; some of these may only be visible to her, though, and take the form of Sensory Effects using her BCI as the Instrument
                              -Life 3/4 to hack bodies
                              -Prime 2+ to create Anti-Magic fields, so as to stop fellow "heroes" from using their own powers
                              -Correspondence 3 to teleport back to her Translocator
                              -Forces 3/4 + Prime 2 to set off an EMP, knocking out all electronics around her (while presumably shielding her own from harm)
                              -Life 1 to sense injured individuals nearby, plus Correspondence 1 to track their movements precisely
                              -In the process of creating her hacker persona, Sombra erased every record of her existence. Should be worth at least a few dots in Arcane/Cloaking, especially against attempts to find her using Data
                              -Because of her Cybernetic Implants, Enhancements are appropriate
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