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    Can you like force someone's heart to stop beating with life 3?
    Thanks in advance.

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    If you deal four successes worth of damage (eight health levels), then yes. It's even easier, considering Life damage is Aggravated and tends to ignore armor (depending on the exact Effect).

    If you deal fewer health levels of damage than it would take to kill outright, you might give them a severe but non-fatal heart attack. Of course, that depends on whether the exact thing you want to do is "Stop Heart Completely", rather than "Give Heart Attack". If it's the former, and depending on the character's Focus, the Storyteller may decide that it's all or nothing. The Effect has a four success minimum, and if that threshold isn't met, the Effect fails outright.

    So...make sure player and storyteller have this point hashed out ahead of time.


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      Even if it is ruled as all or nothing, there is still the rule of partial success.

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