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Abilities, Specialties, and Well-Skilled Craftsman

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  • Abilities, Specialties, and Well-Skilled Craftsman

    Hello everyone. I have recently purchased M20 and I’m loving it. However, I have some doubts regarding character creation. Although I understand and generally like the idea of “catch-all” Abilities and the possibility of buying several Specialties to reflect different expertises in a more general knowledge field, this presents some practical problems for me. The games makes emphasis on taking one Specialty in some general Abilities, representing your main focus, and then buying additional Specialties if you want to diversify.

    The question is: What does it mean, practically speaking? If I don’t have certain Specialty in one of these general Abilities, does it count as zero when performing tasks related to it? While I see it fit for some Abilities (such as Art, Craft, Academics and the like), I’m not sure about others… Particularly Athletics or Melee. If I have Athletics 3 with a Specialty in Running (as the game states Athletics as one of the Abilities you need to define), would my Athletics count as zero when climbing, jumping, swimming…? And, if I have Melee 2 (Bladed Weapons), would it be zero when swinging a club?

    Help, please. This may seem an unimportant thing for some people, but it bothers me. Maybe there is something I’m missing…?