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    I've coded a graphical multi user online mage game. Dynamic sphere magic works in the game by letting time pass before the magic happens. This allows for realism and allows storytellers a window to create the magic behind the scenes. There are also rotes that can be created and then work in real time. The combat system for the game mirrors the world of darkness perfectly. Currently however there are no players and I'm looking for help from other story tellers. No coding experience is necessary. The game is online at but the best way to get a hold of me is through this forum.
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    Can you say something about the setting/plot/theme?


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      I am interested, but don't know yet if I can spare the time.

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        The setting is a city in the horizon realm, and it is mostly a ghost town. If you are looking for a place to sleep your best bet might be an abandoned building. However, the city is filled with mages. It is like Zion in the matrix, in that the technocracy doesn't know where the city is. Currently there are no NPCs or monsters to kill but that might change. Ultimately the game is about staying in character and role playing. Mages can cast deadly spells on each other, and the combat system is an important part of the game. However when and if you die, you just travel to the spirit realm, and have the opportunity to find your way back to the city and bring your character back to life.