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  • Technocracy Theme Music (generally and for specific characters)

    Hi All,

    tl;dr If this is too long-winded for you, feel free to just recommend generally good Technocracy or Mage music as background for a group, a chronicle, or specific character archetypes with which you are familiar. Hopefully, you enjoy the read below!
    I've had a previous ST who incorporated music extremely well into some games or key moments of games. My current ST wants to do something similar for our 'epilogue' to our just-finished introductory Technocracy chronicle (we will be playing Changeling for a while in the same timeline/general area and intend to return to the Technocrats). I am hoping to get some recommendations of theme music for the game and most importantly, the PCs. I will run with a brief description of the game and then each PC:

    The Chronicle: originally called 'Manhunt,' it featured investigating dead homeless people potentially (read: definitely) killed by supernatural means. Morphed into trying to contain a new Technocratic pharmaceutical that ended up smuggled onto the streets as a designer drug, negotiating with a Werewolf pack who aimed to protect homeless people in their territory, trying to take down a City Police Department Officer who was a Norse-styled Euthanatos Mage giving orders to at least one if not multiple other mages to carry out the killing of the homeless people (both for Euthanatos reasons and to drive out the homeless), and eventually culminated in working with all of these factions (even preventing the Werewolf pack from fighting the Euthanatos cop and his cronies) to deal with a ton of Vampires looking to commit a bunch of gruesome murders on Halloween night.

    Michael Cole, NWO, also legitimately an FBI Special Agent: primarily used Mind 1-3 (think microexpressions from the show Lie to Me as well as body language, tone of voice, etc., based in part on an Anthropology academic background) and Entropy 1-3 (using formal/symbolic Logic to process variables and not only know, but also ensure the occurrence of, the most likely outcome). Has a Pattern 2/Primordial 1 Avatar (think inclined to build something stable and hopefully inspired, but with the nagging doubt at the back of his mind that it will all collapse or fall apart). I believe his Nature is Visionary (possibly Idealist), and his Demeanor is Autocrat/Director. He is the leader of the group, and he always solicited input while having a default plan incorporating the talents of each of the characters to further the investigation or to act to save lives when needed. He ended up not detaining or killing off characters that likely deserved being arrested (whether it be FBI or Technocracy Room 101) or being killed in part to stave off the Vampire killing spree (PC group was fairly successful in responding to their own couple of sites of preserving lives and killing the Vampires, fortunately). He is a bit of a Pollyanna, and he often wears some amount of blue to be trustworthy. He often comes across as likable and trustworthy. He is capable of fighting, but he prefers mental investigation, great (meticulous if possible) planning, and cultivating social alliances to ensure the odds are in his favor. A key scene toward the end of the game was him preventing the Werewolf pack Alpha and the corrupt Euthanatos Police Officer from killing each other with some strong (and fortunately well-rolled) Mind effects. Were that not successful, he likely would have sided with the Werewolf (at least they don't murder homeless people).

    Dino Vulpe, member of the Syndicate and is/was a Bartender who is/was a Sports Bookie on the side: has the Perfect Liar Merit and some cousins that he pays to protect him. Now works for a fairly prominent guy in the Syndicate who made investments into another PCs pharmaceutical technology/start-up company (Dino's Mentor has both legitimate and not-so-legitimate business ties). Dino himself finds that he does well by taking risks (Entropy, sometimes involves Betting, sometimes involves doing something risky that pays off), getting into the headspace of an area (Correspondence), and keying off of his adrenaline and survival instincts to keep himself alive (Time). His apparatuses/foci are almost a bit more Ecstatic than Technocratic. A common rote for him is "Just Out of Sight" (Correspondence 1, Entropy 2), where he manages to get in really close but remain undetected.

    He transitioned more away from the suave, streetwise bullshitter and more toward being a close scout of the group (getting in closer than anyone can and providing close recon while remaining undetected).

    Journalist Sen Morgan, NWO, possibly now a Virtual Adept (or playing both sides?): recruited after he gleaned the truth about something. He was prevented from publishing his story despite his commitment to truth. He was tasked with investigating Agent Cole (as it wasn't yet clear if Cole had undergone Empowerment or was just an Extraordinary Citizen or something of that nature). He also served to manage media relations for the group. Really great at investigations, not combat-oriented at all, and is committed to the truth (but not necessarily sharing it with the others). He has Time (did get it up to 3 and has rewound Time once or twice or written a story as his focus to rewrite time, e.g., making a wound less serious than it was for one of our other PCs).

    But his main focus was with Time 2 (looking to past events to investigate). He also developed Correspondence/Data to 2 and was the first to start warding technology to keep a pesky Virtual Adept out of our stuff. He has gotten some knowledge of Hypertech as well. He also has Mind 2 and Entropy 1, but he has used those a lot less than he has Correspondence/Data 2 and Time 3. He recently learned Matter 1 I believe, permitting him to 'reality hack' the GPS coordinates of an object to have it move somewhere else.

    He is quite possibly going to (or already has and we don't know) defect to the Virtual Adepts. He might just be playing both sides. His commitment to truth and him receiving a bit more attention and information from his Virtual Adept contact than his Technocratic supervisor (who provided minimal oversight) weigh against his fellow Technocrat PCs who have all put their lives on the line for him and others in the field.

    Shimkin, Iteration X, Tinkerer: this guy is an interesting combination of doing things like ripping a door off its hinges (with Strength 4) and running over enemies with it, and doing awesome fabrication (think a more tame version of SCIENCE!). He uses a lot of Matter and Forces, and he has a bit of Correspondence as well. He uses a "Gamecorder" (think like a Gameboy but he can use it to track stuff) and a super-taser that arcs lightning out at stuff if need be. He also created a railgun that comes out of the trunk of his car, and some badass armor for himself (has some magnetic/kinetic repulsion qualities as well as just solid armor, all packaged into a hooded sweatshirt). Very smart guy, very much a team player despite his Survivor Nature.

    Dr. Rebekah Binah Goldman, Void Engineer (Necronaut?): she is really smart and committed to saving her daughter (who is in a coma from a car crash that killed her husband). Dimensional Science (Spirit) 3 has enabled Goldman to interact with her daughter. Goldman specializes in nanotech (Matter 2) that was part of a patch (Life 2) intended to serve as a coma treatment. Dino's Syndicate Mentor invested in Goldman's company based in part (if not entirely) on this patch/drug treatment. But it has other effects (essentially serving as Goldman's apparatus/focus for her dimensional science effects). Goldman does tend to suit up (although she has a portable version of it now) with life support before crossing over dimensionally (to what I assume is the dimension for wraiths/dead spirits in the Umbra). She is our go-to person for laboratory analysis and patching us up (along with JC, below). We really hope she goes for Life 3 so we can get some magically assisted healing (beyond her already being a badass medical doctor in the mundane sense).

    And finally, JC Modesta, Progenitor, Paralympian and World-class athlete, EMT while pursuing her Nurse Practitioner degree hoping to focus on Sports Medicine: actually a triple amputee, JC has not permitted that to limit her pursuit of athletic excellence. She uses Life to train her body to new heights, Mind to focus herself for training and as a focus for her use of Forces (yes, this is debatably unacceptable in the Technocracy, but it's fringe acceptable for Progenitors), as well as Prime to detect 'Flow' or when people are operating at their peak so to speak. She has generally been a combat badass (using telekinesis and other creative effects, operating like a badass frontline hero), and she drives really well.
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    Oh man, this never got replies? Aw
    That said, I can't quite find soundtracks for those specific characters impromptu, but I have general songs for Mage.

    Let's get this thread kicking! Mage Music!

    And this one fits Iteration X so very, very, very perfectly:

    I guess this would fit the CoX type of musician - or with loose appliance of the lyrics, the Traditions in general:

    Threat Null....if they ever made it through:
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      I've always liked this for NWO:

      for Void Engineers

      More PWEI, just because

      For anything that's "evil", you can't go wrong with Dimmu Borgir

      or Emperor

      For modern urban Verbena, "Helvetios" by Eluveitie works:

      or Valhalore, "Across the Frozen Ocean"

      If you're exploring spirit realms, there's a wealth of things one could use. I'm partial to Finntroll's "Visor Om Slutet" (not metal, for those who are afraid)

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        Back in the 90s, "After the Flesh" by My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult pretty much was the Iteration X theme song.

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          Too easy?

          HIT Marks theme song:

          PENTEX SUCKS.

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            Thank you all! I forgot about this thread, and then I saw all of this. I am sure this will be super helpful down the road. Thanks so much.