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    Originally posted by Aleph View Post

    I always liked the idea that there were *entities* in the time stream that can interfere with time travelers. This was implied in Time 5 writeup, but never explored. I think that a lasting time distortion attracting the atention of said beings would be interesting.

    Someone may actually try to repeat the experiment in order to meet these things, after all, mystics often do isolation to start "hallucinating" just like that. To meet with terrifying *things* it's the stuff of the shaman. Somebody's "product of the mind" may be the sacred spirits of someone else's, but how can one be sure that the experience was "real"?
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      Wrinkle was a Paradox spirit for time and he will beat up those who abuse Time magick. . ..


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        But Paradox spirits won't bother you as long as you abuse inside your Sanctum and your abuse isn't against the Constants/Foundations. Wrinkle only cares if you abuse Time in a way that breaks Reality, which this particular working shouldn't be doing.

        The thing that I find interesting about "time entities", it's that these entities of the time stream could go outside that logic, picking an interest on your doings in spite of you not breaking any of Reality's rules that mages know so well. They allow to throw an unexpected consequence that has nothing to do with Paradox and that may escalate outside Paradox logic (for instance, caring about what happens in your Sanctum, or presenting a problem even if you used Prime 5 to fend agains ol'dox).


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          Originally posted by baakyocalder View Post
          Wrinkle was a Paradox spirit for time and he will beat up those who abuse Time magick. . ..
          Not necessarily. Wrinkle is quite an amicable and reasonable Paradox Spirit, all told. He politely asks the mage to stop doing what they're doing, and will offer to help them undo what they did to the time stream.

          It's only when you refuse his reasonable request that he starts having to play hard ball.


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            I always suspected those Time creatures might be related in part to the Hounds of Tindalos.
            Needless to. Say, I did not want to stay in that room for too long after that.

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