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Does first edition Sons of Ether depict the Etherites as a former Convention

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  • Does first edition Sons of Ether depict the Etherites as a former Convention

    I know that the first edition of Mage presents the Etherites as a secret society with no ties to the Technocracy, I’m curious how they’re represented in the first edition trad book because I know the Etherites were retconned quite significantly by the time of Revised Edition.

    I would just read the book but I don’t have it and don’t want to buy a copy.

    How are the Etherites depicted in their first trad book? I’d like some insights into their history according to that book.

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    The first Tradition book has them as former Technocrats, but also includes their history from the founding of House Golo within the Order of Hermes, to Golo and Laurent of the Cabal of Pure Thought forming the Natural Philosopher's Guild as an umbrella organization to gather the followers of Aretus' writing, the fracturing of the Guild, and then the Guild being reformed during the Renaissance as part of the Order of Reason. This is then followed by their evolution without the OoR, including it's reformation into the Technocracy, and the eventual flight of the Ectrodyne Engineers to the Traditions to become the Sons of Ether.


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      What he said. The book is a little vague, as a lot of 1st edition books tended to be, often briefly mentioning or alluding to something that wouldn't really be made clear until some 2nd ed book years later, but it does mention them as being a Convention of the Technocracy, apparently specializing in Forces, but only being a part of it for about 40 years or so, I think.

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        The 1st Traditionbook says that before becoming a Tradition proper as the SoE and taking the seat of Matter, the groups that would become the Electrodyne Engineers were split between Forces focused mages that derived their teachings from House Golo (favored Forces by virtue of being a Hermetic) and Laurent (favored Matter as a personal thing). Forces took over the divide during their time with the Order of Reason and the Union, but Matter regained prominence after the defection. There's a noted bit of humor here, as the Golo school was considered the more mystic while Golo himself was more of a proto-science alchemist and rationalist but ended up being the dominant approach during their time with the OoR/Technocracy, while Laurent's school was considered more secular despite his start as a Templar and ended up being more prominent after the Etherites become a Tradition proper.

        It's worth remembering that they were only a Convention of the Technocracy for 54 years because the Union was only created in 1851. The Natural Philosopher's Guild allied with the early Order of Reason while Golo was still alive, though dissolved as an organization until reforming into the Voltarian Convention (which gets renamed into the Electrodyne Enginners in 1851). So they were not a full Convention for as long as many other groups, but they were part of the OoR for a long time.