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Redefining Mystics and Technomancers

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    Mostly, yes — except that the foundation of the Traditions was an effort to build conceptual bridges between the different Traditions' magicks; so a Chorister attempting to learn some alchemy from a Hermetic should face fewer problems than a Templar attempting to learn some alchemy from a Child of Knowledge. In both cases, the amount and type of overlap between the teacher's Focus and the student's Focus is about the same; but in the former case, they have the Hermetic-initiated “common language” to make the training easier.

    Ultimately though, I think this too might be something better handled in a separate thread.


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      Originally posted by Dataweaver View Post
      First, the redefinition: instead of “Mystic” and “Technomancer”, you have “Internal” and “External”.
      How would you envision changing from External Focus to Internal Focus within this idea, within the same Paradigm ? As an example I'm thinking of some Chorister Mages - at start they rely in their True Magick on items associated with faith, being in sacred places, and conducting ceremonies; but with time they come to know and feel that what they need to do is look within themselves and miracles (or what they call miracles) will happen.
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        Changing between Internal and External is as drastic of a change as changing what your Practice is, and should be handled in a similar manner. In particular, the existing rules for switching between a Mystic Focus and a Technomantic Focus should provide the basics.