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Real Life Examples for the Traditions

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    Euthanatos: Raymond A Moody MD the guy who wrote "Life After Life" and "Elvis after Life". I'm surprised his name hasn't come up already.

    Celestial Chorus: In his book "The Ascension Mysteries" David Wilcock; (The blond guy on Ancient Aliens), mentions a "Black Jesus" on page 340. "Apparently in the 1960's a man appeared in Africa who had full ascended abilities. He could read people's minds, materialize objects out of thin air, communicate telepathically, levitate himself, and teleport his body from one place to another. He was a spiritual teacher who emphasized love, peace, and service to others, and forgiveness as the common core that unified all the great religions. The Cabal does not want anyone to develop these abilities, and if they find out that someone has them, they will hunt those people down and terminate them with prejudice."