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Do Mages think of themselves as Mages?

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    I think the wonderful tingle-inducing promotional header used in the M20 Kickstarter (Part of the text on page 40 of M20) hits the nail on the head from an actual in-game perspective of one who has moved into the meta:

    "We’re all mages, we Awakened Ones. Tradition wizards and
    Technocrats, Mad Ones and Fallen Ones, and all the “ones”
    in between who refuse to choose a side in our demented little
    War. We’re ALL fucking mages. Many refuse that title, or deny
    it to others,
    but that’s what we are: priest-kings holding the
    keys to reality."

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      I have always seen this as "My paradigm is real but yours can be too". A VA seeing a Verbena teleport (to use the example provided above) isn't necessarily seeing them as doing the same thing as him. After all, he realises that distance is merely a variable in the database behind reality and its value can be reduced to 0 between two points. He can see the Verbena carving her runes and beseeching the old gods for help and could well believe that they aren't doing the same thing at all, even though the end result, moving them to a new place, is the same outcome. He manipulates the coding behind reality, she uses ancient blood magic. He still believes that her magic works (after all, he doesn't bring her paradox) but wouldn't necessarily believe that she has found a weird round-about way of manipulating the reality database, instead she actually is using ancient blood magic to teleport herself. Its just not what he does. He doesn't understand exactly how the blood magic works but he believes it does.
      Technocrats are the technomancers who DON'T believe that it works. To them, everything is science and the mystics have merely found some odd quirks that let them use the science behind reality to manipulate it. to me thats the big difference between a technomancer and a technocrat. A technocrat believes in only one possible vision of reality, the scientific paradigm, whereas a technomancer might believe that, or they might believe that their way is correct but there are other systems out there that work differently and do different stuff.
      I've always also seen the spheres and the use of the word mage as a kind of neutral language that allows the different traditions to be able to talk to each other and understand a bit about what they do. I don't like the use of sphere talk within a tradition because I think they'd have much more nuanced and specific language to discuss their own paradigms.


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        On average;

        Akashayana: Yes.
        Celestial Chorus: No, I think.
        Cult of Ecstasy: Yes.
        Dreamspeakers: Yes.
        Chakravanti: Yes.
        Order of Hermes: Yes.
        Society of Ether: No.
        Verbena: Yes.
        Virtual Adepts: No.

        The Technocracy: Hell, NO.

        Disparates: For most of them, yes.