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    The best representation of a human without a soul that i've seen is actually from the series Supernatural. The character was for all intents and purposes fully "normal" but something was off. He grew cold and distant, apathic and callous. Of course this is a person who had a soul and due to plot reasons lost it.
    But I can imagine a human without a soul can function as a "normal" human, one who is conscious but a lacks Conscience (as per the VtM Trait signifying morality).

    English is not my native language, so i apologize for errors in grammar or spelling.


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      I don't know if there would be any actual behavioral differences between a with and without a soul. The soul is quite vague, which I think is a good thing for the World of Darkness, at least by default. Individual Storytellers are free with settle on whatever they feel like.

      What I do think is that a creature created with a soul is going to be spiritually hollow, and therefore vacant. It would be staggeringly easy for them to be possessed by spirits. Perhaps not so much ghosts - since the body has its own mind, and would fight a possession - but rather non-ghost spirits, since many of them have little to no cognition as we understand it.

      Banes probably love such beings, and I'd be surprised if Pentex didn't have cloning projects that revolved entirely around mass-producing Fomori this way. The Technocracy, by contrast, attract many orderly, "Weaver-ish" spirits, which may make their homes in Technocracy clones. It's not as though the Union would immediately notice if their clones were perfectly obedient, since the Union wants to foster that kind of attitude anyway. Then again, one could also make the argument that many Genetic Flaws in gene-engineered constructs may be the direct result of their hollow nature attracting spirits that are less than helpful, like spirits of aggression, disease, lust, or the like.

      On the other side of the aisle, Etherite Frankenstein creations might attract spirits of passion, madness, or lightning, if they were made with the classic "animate with electricity" method.