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Paradox Flaws and Wonders

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  • Paradox Flaws and Wonders

    Re-reading some of the rules for wonders I remembered that mages placing repeatable magical effects on themselves or others must normally off-set it with a quint cost or paradox flaws.

    Can the same be done for wonders? Say make on object and put an effect on it, but instead of using up quint or willpower you imbue it with paradox to make it "Reality Legal". Like how powerful fuels and useful chemicals are toxic and/or radioactive (see uranium or sulfuric acid for examples) Or how useful machines are more complex/require more exotic materials(see computers and most tech). Does said item still accrue even more paradox? Or is it balanced with the Permanent flaws?

    Also how does X work with non-technology examples? Vampires, werewolves, and their versions of non-paradoxing(but flawed) enchanted items may or may not exist in everyone's WOD for example.

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    Wonders can have Flaws, yes, but those usually arise as a direct result of errors in their creation, rather than the vagaries of Paradox. As far as I can tell, a Wonder is either Coincidental, or it isn't.

    That said, the books on Wonders do comment that external equipment has a higher likelihood of being accepted by the Consensus than usual magick, on account of people generally being more willing to ascribe fantastic abilities to tools and technology than to people. Technomantic Wonders like Devices obviously can pass for high tech (and people are becoming jaded to miraculous technology), but even mystic looking Wonders could possibly be tech objects in disguise.

    Plus, there's the matter of Mythic Threads, wherein human belief in magic items may be strong enough to make it easier to use, or even to make it Coincidental. That said, a Wonder working in a Coincidental way will still usually require the Effect to fit the situation.