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Alternate Advancement scheme for a High Risk, High Reward one shot.

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  • Alternate Advancement scheme for a High Risk, High Reward one shot.

    So, I'm currently contemplating a fairly... brief chronicle covering the events of a single week, where the players will be thrown into play as mortals and only even become mages should they pass the first hurdles.

    On the one hand, this leaves certain things out, I really want to avoid the usual 'prelude' solution of building the character twice. So instead part of what I'm going to do is include rituals and experimental excercises that allows advancement of Arete and Spheres..... At the cost of time. And only if the player can pass the tests necessary to do so.

    One thing I intend to include is a difference between 'hard but safe' rituals that take extra time, or have higher skill requirements. And 'Easy but Dangerous' Rituals that will give you power in a pinch, but at a cost. Perhaps the ritual unleashes a being that was once bound, or perhaps it simply grants a strangely large amount of paradox. Or any number of other dangerous things.

    The idea being that the mundane skills they come in with are what they have, and the only magical power they get is what they can bargain for or puzzle out in a few days while besieged by enemies.

    Does this seem like it could be a good idea for such a short game?

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    I think it can work.

    You should stress Paradigm, however, as this will inform the players about what their characters think doable. For instance: a religious person might pray to summon fire, while a reality hacker will try to use Computer to instantiate it. If your players don't have a good idea of what their characters think mystically possible, they will hardly be able to bargain with you for their effects (as they don't have the framework of the Spheres to give them clues about what they should be able to ask for).


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      Sorry for the long wait between replies. For Paradigm, it gets a bit complicated. Part of the focus on this was that the players are besieged in an old Chantry, that contains multiple libraries. The libraries would contain a number of books that are actually some manner of Primer. Each could be used to conduct rituals (Acting as an Artifact, with a few basic rotes.) But each books real purpose would be to have training excercises, my intention is to right up a little blurb on each training exercise, and why/how it works. Rather than just rolling dice and seeing if it's pass or fail, the idea is they're doing SOMETHING. Whether that's invoking the names of elemental spirits to make yourself known to them (A more Mystical means of raising Forces.) OR teaching yourself to exploit glitches in realities code by whistling.


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        That sounds reasonable, as it will allow you to introduce Paradigm to them in a natural fashion.

        I imagine they ain't going to choose books by pure chance, but rather gravitate towards the ones that look cool to them. It's also possible that two will want to study or use the same book, because real books can be read by more than one person.

        Perhaps it would be good to have something planned if one or more players aren't particularly interested in reading...