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  • Examples of Strange Bedfellows

    Hello, I'm a little bit in to my latest Mage chronicle: Techno Hearts & Traditional Minds. The game is initially focusing on the Technocratic Union (the new and improved TU … honest ), later on introducing opportunities for unusual allies to create the theme of Strange Bedfellows. As part of the chats with the players during character creation most of the PCs’ personalities are: ‘look, think, talk, then act’; my games are very PC focused, so they are free to ignore potential allies

    I am making a series of short videos based upon the chronicle, the first one can be seen here

    I was wondering if any of you with stories about Strange Bedfellows would be willing to share details. I am open to any ideas about this as well, doesn’t have to be epic in nature, I appreciate subtle things as well
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