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  • Example of a Time Table

    Is there an example of a Technocratic Time Table running around as an in universe document? I'm curious what one would look like as either a contemporary or historical in-world document.

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    Originally posted by PhillyCuriosity View Post
    Is there an example of a Technocratic Time Table running around as an in universe document? I'm curious what one would look like as either a contemporary or historical in-world document.
    I don't think that the Technocracy's Time Table is a document. It is a list that consists of intently decided and carefully pre-planned plans of the Technocracy. Going just by this one-sentence description, the Technocracy's Time Table could be considered by a person ( or a group of persons ) to be a document. However, I think that the Time Table has two characteristics / qualities that do distinctly and clearly show that the Technocracy's Time Table is more than a document.
    First, what is in the Technocracy's Time Table - and what is not - gives members of the Technocracy a clear focus in regards to their actions and ideals.
    Second, the very existence of the Time Table changes the way Technocrat Mages act, think and behave ; and how the Technocracy functions as an organization. The existence of the Time Table changes the details, workings, content and outcomes of what is written about and described in the Time Table.

    Thus I think and feel that the word " document " is greatly lacking in regards to describing the Technocracy's Time Table. I admit that I am currently at a loss for a word, term or a definition that would be appropriate for the Time Table of the Technocracy, according to what I think and consider the Time Table to be.
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      I wonder if it's be a granular document indicating "site specific antigens released in NA market June 2019 - August 2019" or "solve protactinium poisoning in thorium fuel cycle by Fall 2020" or if it is more a marketing goal like "increase number of cashless transactions from 20% to 60% across APAC by 2025". I also wonder if it would be something that had mimetic effect in that simply seeing a representation of the document would invoke mind procedures to increase morale among extraordinary citizens.
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        Easy peasy. You need Matter 5 so that you can make Matter Patterns out of conceptual phenomena, Time 4 in order to create discrete and localized time flows, and Prime 2 to create Patterns out of pure Quintessence. Create a Matter Pattern that is a localized stasis bubble in the shape of a table, and blammo, you have your time table.

        Now, seriously...

        My take on the Time Table is that while there may once upon a time -- maybe during the Victorian era or so -- have been a set list of operational objectives and deadlines for the Technocracy to meet as a whole, Technocrats quickly learned the Consensus is not so easily manipulated and resistant to the very existence of such a list. Therefore, the Time Table now represents a guiding principle and value statement of pushing the Consensus' envelope and striving to make better technologies and higher science acceptable, but not so hard it triggers backlash.

        That Technocrats speak of it in concrete terms is a function of Newspeak, and that the Time Table's own nature isn't questioned a function of doublethink. The Time Table, regardless where a Technocrat is on the food chain, is something to be determined by the next rung up on the ladder, and something to be dictated to the next rung down. At the same time no unified plan with concrete details is ever laid down for Technocrats to specifically follow, asking for one is a quick way to earn a demotion or a trip to Room 101, and Technocrats are always encouraged to report deviations from the Time Table to superiors as a quick way to earn promotions or favors. In that, it's just another aspect of Technocratic panopticism.

        Conventions and Methodologies may set agendas that incorporate operational objectives and deadlines, but those are factional agendas as opposed to the Time Table itself, even though the justification for those factional agendas is adherence to the Time Table. That factional agendas so often are in direct conflict with one another, even though they're nominally in adherence to and justified by the unified Technocratic agenda known as the Time Table, is in the big picture evidence there is no actual Time Table.
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