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  • House Valdaer of the Order of Hermes

    So I was running a Mage game recently where we decided to do an all Hermetic chronicle. A new player joined us in our third session and asked if he could play a Valaerman runecrafter of the modern era. The game was supposed to focus partially on Hermetic house politics with everyone having a stake in the Order’s internal power struggle and such so I decided to pitch a long time favourite idea of mine: House Valdaer.

    The house is essentially a Hermetic house that a group of Valdaerman went to form in the waning days of their fellowship. Angered by their fellows in the Verbena (who had slighted them) and not warrior like enough and too traditionally ritualistic to join those who became the Hagalaz of the Cult of Ecstasy, these mages joined with the Order of Hermes, under the condition that they be allowed to form their own house of course.

    I usually set this event as happening sometime in the renaissance. The Valdaerman who left were of a more high ritual bent, less given to war like tendencies and more inclined to engage in studious acquisition of knowledge than many of their peers. They’d also been badly insulted by their faction leader within the Verbena and were pissed off about that. So they made their way to the Order of Hermes and avoided the whole “Order of the Iron cross siding with the Nazis thing” and thus, survived into the modern era.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could use this house or how I could flesh out it’s history?

    Any obstacles or issues that you see with it being a part of the Order of Hermes in the modern era (so as to help me deal with any future problems before they crop up). Aside from having to re-write part of the history of the Order of Hermes to fit these people in of course.

    Has anyone tried this before and if so do you have any advice for me?

    As stated I have long wanted to use this idea, but haven’t had the chance to give it too much thought.
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    I'd suggest it being a modern reconstruction, so they are doing cool Archaeological stuff as part of their setup rather than being a solid descendent.. plus they can be hermetic jackasses to others claiming descent that way.


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      Given that in the WoD a modern reconstructing Valaerman runecrafting a Hermetic could contact the souls of long dead Valaermen, reconstructing might not be the most accurate term. Revival seems better.


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        Originally posted by Astromancer View Post
        Given that in the WoD a modern reconstructing Valaerman runecrafting a Hermetic could contact the souls of long dead Valaermen, reconstructing might not be the most accurate term. Revival seems better.
        That’s good point I really like that. I actually do feel kind of cooler if there were to be a hermetic house of young impressionable people who were under the influence of a bunch of old ghosts from the now dead Vaelderman


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          Dead Magic II talks about rune crafting among the modern Traditions, including the Hermetics. Also, one of the presented character concepts from the original Order of Hermes tradition book (it didn't have full templates, sadly) was a practitioner of Nordic rune craft and related magics. It was one of my favorites of the bunch, not least of which for the really nice artwork that went with it.

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            If they were ritualistic and less warlike then others then I see them acting as necromancers and envoys for the Order of Hermes. Simply because that is the niche not occupied by other houses. Also, explorer Norsman is basically a mythic thread at this point.
            So, they would contact spirits of the dead or even raise them as combat undead against the enemies of the order. Being connected with World Tree, they could use it to contact realms generally alien for the OoH like Iron Forest, Troll lands, Jotunheim, Hel, etc. Their rune-based divination and ability to craft artifacts would come secondary, as those trades are already occupied by fortunae and other hermetics, mostly used within the house. The development of graphical computers offers them opportunity to create (and print/engrave) previously inconceivably complicated runic scripts. Furthermore, the recent spread of Rune and Norse myth popularity through various media would make more of their magic coincidental. I mean, Thor and Locky are basically world class celebrities again.
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