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Wonder rules houseruled ?

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  • Wonder rules houseruled ?

    Hi everyone,

    It just occured to me that there could be an unbalanced rule concerning the activation of wonders, expecially Charms. I get that the new activation roll of the Wonders as described in the Book of Secrets gives answers to old questions like: When do paradox trigger ? How the effectiveness of the Effect is chosen ?

    However, I find it strange that you have to roll your Arete against a standard difficulty 7 when the Effect in question in the Charm has often a lower standard difficulty. For example, for a Charm using a level 2 of a Sphere, standard difficulty is 5 if the Effect if a coincidental one.

    Did you ever think about that ? If yes, how do you play the activation of the Charms ?

    What I think I will do (and I would gladly have your opinion on the matter), is using the extended rule to split the succeses during the creation of the Wonder. I would use the necessary successes of the wonder creation like a base number of successes, then use the exceeding successes to extend the Effect (damage, targets, duration). To activate the Wonder, only one success would be required then on the activation roll.

    What do you think of that ? DId I miss something ?

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    For Charms our group simply allows them to work without an activation roll. We treat them more like a suspended effect tied to Tass.

    Now admittedly the majority of Charms used by the group is in the form of enhanced bullets, bombs and healing creams. The successes rolled at creation are recorded and when they are used that's what they go off of, with paradox applied at the time if applicable.

    The rules for Wonders are such a mess and though BoS has cleaned it up a lot we still use what we have for years. If it ain't broke why fix it. Especially for our 20+ year group.
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