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  • Spirit Combat and Armor

    Ok, I admit I should know this or where to find it but apparently I'm an idiot. Our story recently had a small hostile engagement with a fire elemental and though it didn't move toward combat the party was preparing for the possibility. One of which was to use Prime to enforce their armor verse aggravated damage (fire and all) so as to be useable in the Umbra.

    This does work against Spirit Damage right?

    We use the Avatar rating for soak but magically altered armor I would think would add to this though my feeling is that mundane armor, even if capable of soaking aggravated, would not while in the Umbra.


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    It would work...assuming it entered in the Umbra in the first place.

    Everything you bring to the other side of the veil with Spirit 3 works as well as your own body does, assuming it doesn't need to be connected to other stuff (your phone won't have signal without additional spells) and assuming local Paradigm isn't completely hostile to the concept.

    It's all part of what Spirit 3 does, your armor can soack spiritual claws for the same reason those spiritual claws can rend your flesh now: Note that they weren't able to harm you while you were on the material side of the Gauntlet. Note that with Spirit 2 alone you can punch spirits or shot them. In the Technocracy book there's a Spirit 3 rote that allows to send a grenade to the other side of the Gauntlet, and it works perfectly against spirits. Spirits interact with regular matter pretty much like physical beings if they're both on the same level of reality.