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The minor sphere of dreams, ephemera, illusions, or chimera

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    Here are three more Effects for this Minor Sphere that I thought up and wrote up :

    Aware of the Restful , level 1 Effect - The Mage can discern how tired persons are, and what is their attitude to taking a rest or going to sleep ; and also how close they are to falling asleep. The Mage can sense nearby persons who are asleep, falling asleep, resting in some way, or tired in a way that makes them want to go to sleep or to take a rest.
    ( This Effect combines capabilities of Mind 1 and Correspondence 1. )

    A Nightmare's Bounty , level 1 Effect - The Mage lets his rest be beset by nightmares that drain both his mind and body ; but this reverie provides glimpses of wisdom, and allows the Mage to draw one point of Quintessence per every level of Bashing damage that she or he is willing to suffer. The Mage decides how potent she wants this Effect to be. This Effect can only be used during a period of sleep that is at least two hours long ; the Mage will not feel rested after this sleep. The Bashing damage can only be healed by mundane rest.
    ( Similar to Heart's Blood of Prime 1. )

    Know the Dream's Trinkets , level 1 Effect - the Mage can sense any items that a person carries and that the person placed in the same location that she or he went to sleep at the last time. The Mage can differentiate between items that were placed close to the place of rest ( as in : the bed, the sofa etc. ) , and those that were placed further away from it.
    ( Equivalent to a specific version of a Matter 1 Sense. )
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      Here are two more Effects for the Minor Sphere of Dreams.

      Know the Rest, level 1 Effect -
      The Mage can discern when another person went to sleep or to take a rest during the last thirty hours ; and for how long she or he was asleep or resting during the last thirty hours. The Mage can use this on herself if for some reason she does not remember, or is not certain about, these facts.

      To Grasp the Reverie, level 2 Effect -
      If the Mage wakes up for any reason and remembers ( distinctly or vaguely ) what she dreamt during this particular sleep, she or he can conjure a writing implement - a pen, a quill, a pencil, or more non-standard items like for example painting brushes or a stalk of a plant - from ephemeral matter. The Mage can use this item only in regard to noting down and writing about dreams that she had during this particular sleep that she just woke up from. The script made by the implement can be of any color(s) and texture that the Mage wants it to be. The implement can write on nearly any surface - paper, wood, precious gems, metal, plastic, stone etc. If the Mage pauses in her writing for more than five to ten minutes the ephemeral implement will dissipate.

      If the Mage keeps writing about what she dreamt during her last sleep, there is no time limit on how long the ephemeral writing implement will be available for her use. After one or two hours of writing, the breaks in writing - without the implement dissipating - can be as long as fifteen to twenty minutes.
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        I wrote up three more Effects for this Minor Sphere :

        Put off the Rest, level 2 Effect - Subdues a person's desire and psychological need to sleep or to rest. This doesn't take away physical tiredness ; as such, this Effect can't be used to forgo sleep for long periods of time. This Effect is very effective at making a persons not spend much time sleeping or resting.

        Prolong the Rest, level 2 Effect - Makes a person inclined to sleep or to take a rest. A person who has woken up but is still in bed will most likely decide to go to sleep again.

        Share Dreams' Wonder, level 3 Effect - Makes a person interested in dreams and dreaming. Depending on the number of successes, it could be makes dreams seem slightly noteworthy, or a person could become intensily interested. This state of mind tends to last a few days at most unless a person genuinely wants to develop her ( or his ) interests in dreams.
        This Effect can be cast on a person already interested in dreams. It can't be cast by the Mage on herself.