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Avatar as Agent During a Paradox Backlash

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  • Avatar as Agent During a Paradox Backlash

    I'm chewing on an alternative to paradox backlashes where in circumstances where the Mage is doing something antithetical to their essence or their avatar, instead of a normal backlash, the avatar asserts itself violently. I view this as similar to when the shadow takes over in Wraith. There are big differences as the avatar isn't a character's dark side by any means (usually).

    I'm wondering if in some circumstances where a character does a magical effect contradictory to their avatar, a backlash could take the form of the avatar inflicting punishment on the character, or doing actions to "right some wrong" such as the avatar picking fights with its enemies regardless of harm to the mortal host or suddenly going on a side quest to try to attend to some unfinished karmic business.

    Is anything interest in this vein?