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I thought they Abandoned the whole Space is the Umbra Thing?

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    The Aethereal Realms don't require crossing the Membrane; that's why I said that they're more like Shade Realms — though I meant to say “as opposed to Shard Realms”.

    And no, Werewolf doesn't really acknowledge Mage's “space Umbra”… because werewolves rarely leave Earth. The farthest they usually venture is the aforementioned Aethereal Realms; and when they do go beyond the Membrane, it's usually by means of the shortcuts that the Aethereal Realms provide — meaning that they rarely enter Mage's Etherspace. Heck, aside from Void Engineers and the occasional Etherite, mages rarely venture out into Etherspace.
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      Originally posted by Eldagusto View Post
      I don’t know if werewolf acknowledges the wacky mage spaceumbra at all. They do talk about the optional idea of the Aetherial Realm being the space Penumbra in Rage Across the Heavens. I don’t remember seeing anything about going to Pluto requiring Membrane crossing.
      I think there was some stuff in some book about the Russian space station Mir containing a portal to Malfeas - GttTech briefly mentions Void Engineers fighting (and defeating) BSDs there. I think that's as close as it gets to the Garou interacting with either Conventional space or etherspace on a wide level.
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