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    Originally posted by Aleph View Post
    True, altrough MotA in Revised changed the definition, leaving Exemplars in the role 1e placed Oracles and having Oracles as more versatile supermages related to Ascencion rather than a Sphere in particular.

    But canon Oracles have been created with the first definition in mind and do seem to relate with a Sphere. Dante with Correspondence, for instance.
    I always assumed that those Mages are called Oracles because they can predict and envision with uncanny accuracy and insight how Magick of a given kind will develop, and how it will be practiced. As I understand it from what is written in the M:tA books, the Oracles can discern in regard to what will be possible to achieve with Spells, and with other means ; and they also ascertain in regard to what areas of a given kind of Magick will be chosen by Mages to be explored and delved into.
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