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How rare Archmages or Powerful Masters are ?

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  • How rare Archmages or Powerful Masters are ?

    "Badass Master" refers to a Mage having several Lv.5 Spheres...

    So we all know Archmages and this kind of Masters are really powerful and rare , thus they often become top goals of great disasters ( Avatar Storm
    …) but How rare they are ? Which Things show this more directly ?

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    Quite common before the Avatar storm, incredibly rare after that.

    Before the avatar storm the Euthanatos had no less than 6 archmages (Takstang, Senex,Voormas and the three more archmasters that lived on Cerberus), close to 1% total population of the Tradition.

    Before the Avatar Storm House Bonisagus had fewer than 100 members. Only at doissetep there were 4 masters, and more were scattered in the umbra.
    House Tytalus, which was a small house whose numbers always dwindled, had a lot of masters (5 in Doissetep + Vargas + Maragandoukis + Gillmore + De Allegresse, and these are the only "named" masters")

    At the time of the conflagration Porthos said that Doissetep housed five scores of archmasters.

    After the avatar storm we can use the numbers Malcolm Sheppard gave us : 1,9% of the mages are masters, 0,1% are Archmages.
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      Originally posted by Undead rabbit View Post
      After the avatar storm we can use the numbers Malcolm Sheppard gave us : 1,9% of the mages are masters, 0,1% are Archmages.
      This ? You have post ...
      Originally posted by Undead Rabbit
      Waaaay too many Nephandi in that breakdown. To be Nephandus you have to enter the cauls, not just be bad. Plus, they have the smallest number of canonical NPCs. I'd put their numbers at less than 5%. There are also probably slightly fewer Orphans, since the Traditions really are pretty good at assimilating mystics. The Crafts have been beaten down by the Technocracy, to boot, but we'll be opstimistic with both. Plus, there are quite a lot of Technocrats.

      So I'd say:

      Traditions- 40%
      Technocracy- 40%
      Marauders- 6%
      Nephandi- 4%
      Crafts- 10%
      Orphans- 10%

      Canonically, the largest are:
      1) OoH (they recruit more than any other Trad and the House structure lets them incorporate many different styles)
      2) Akashic Brotherhood (they recruit less than many Trads but have the largest population base to draw from).

      After that, the Dreamspeakers and Celestial Chorus are supposed to be pretty large and diverse. The Verbena trail slightly behind these two. The Ecstatics are probably about the size of the Verbena.

      The Virtual Adepts and Sons of Ether are probably about equal size and next largest after the trads above.

      The Euthanatos are supposed to be smaller than the other Traditions.

      To make some hard choices and put it all in a list, with breakdowns the ranking from largest to smallest would be:

      1) Order of Hermes 15%
      2) Akashic Brotherhood 14%
      3) Celestial Chorus 13%
      4) Dreamspeakers 12%
      5) Verbena 11%*
      6) Cult of Ecstacy 11%*
      7) Virtual Adepts 9%*
      8) Sons of Ether 9%*
      9) Euthanatos 6%

      *The higher ranks Trad may have a fractionally higher number of members.

      Bill Bridges revised the numbers during his run, which were originally 1 mage per million or 1 per 500,000, to 1 per 200,000 ro 250,000. Let's make it an even 30,000 Awakened mages in the world.

      That means the Traditions have 12,000 members.


      1) Order of Hermes: 1800
      2) Akashic Brotherhood: 1680
      3) Celestial Chorus: 1560
      4) Dreamspeakers: 1440
      5) Verbena: 1320
      6) Cult of Ecstacy: 1320
      7) Virtual Adepts: 1080
      8) Sons of Ether: 1080
      9) Euthanatos: 720

      Breakdown by rank makes most Tradition mages Disciples, with a significant narrowing at Adept rank thanks to attrition and fewer apprentices because they tend to die more easily and because magic is generally in decline. So:

      Apprentice 15% -- 1800 Traditionalists
      Initiate: 20% -- 2400 Traditionalists
      Disciple: 50% -- 6000 Traditionalists
      Adept: 13% -- 1560 Traditionalists
      Master: 1.9% -- 228 Traditionalists?
      Archmaster: .1% 12 Traditionalists?

      Ranks will tend to break statistical predictions as the increase. For instance, thr Masters and archmasters are probably doled out more evenly that Tradition numbers would suggest. By contrast, the Technocracy probably has a fairly strict pyramidial distribution, with the fewest on top and as many as half being "Apprentices.
      And , Uh , to be honest , 1% Archmages is "very" common ? ... I think that's just "not that less"...
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        Originally posted by Rock113 View Post

        This ? You have post ...

        And , Uh , to be honest , 1% Archmages is "very" common ? ... I think that's just "not that less"...

        Statistically, 1% of 12 000 traditionalist is still 120 Archmaster.