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    Originally posted by Dataweaver View Post
    In M20, we have the core book (i.e., the idjit-whacker), the Cookbook, the Book of Secrets, and now Gods and Monsters.
    And "How Do You Do That?".
    I presume the cookbook has no roman numeral, since it's not quite a rulebook, nor strictly canon.

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      Ah! So I haven't missed anything yet. Maybe a future book is supposed to be III ( or it could be the cook-book) and Gods and Monsters came out before.


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        The M20 art book is III so sayeth Satyros in a Facebook thread.


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          The Art of Mage has a III on the side

          Edit: doh I went AFK for a while and didn't refresh before replying.


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            I do feel the book missed a lot of critical elements answering the questions of "how do I incorporate this respectfully". The author of the Afro-Caribbean section commented that she was worried that people would just use zombies and such as monsters to kill which is a fine concern. The two options are: Don't include them or give the audience hints on how to use these characters well. I feel the book failed in the second regard.

            I also find it fascinating that one of the Pacific Rim god-heads (I don't recall which) is listed as not working with outsiders. I wonder how many other god-forms have this kind of exclusion.

            The art left much to be desired, but this may be born of the fact that this book has a picture for literally every entity. So instead of a period beautiful-but-at-best-atmospheric Lief Jones piece, we got a full color rendition of everything.

            I have more criticisms and such but overall, for $15 it's cheaper and has more useful stuff in it than say Guide to the Traditions (for me). I think it easily holds up value-wise.