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Do you ever buy melee as a mage?

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    Originally posted by Heavy Arms View Post
    For some it's more ritualistic, rather than practical (esp. when you consider that some Hermetics highly prize having children that also join if they also Awaken, which would be hard to do with a death of your old life and all).
    Or, you know, those children could join either way. The Order of Hermes teaches High Sorcery as a matter of course, regardless of whether the apprentice is or ever will be Awakened. Only focusing on the Awakened is a suckers game, and the Order of Hermes is too old and has been burned too much (sometimes literally) to casually let itself be played for a sucker. Not again. (Events like the Second Massasa War notwithstanding).

    It's also worth remembering that the Order of Hermes is far from a uniform entity. They have a dozen Houses, each with its own interpretation of Hermetic theory, their own role to play in the larger Order, and their own House cultures. A House Flambeau mage might feel it best to leave the Oldlife behind (if for no other reason than because Flambeau's rate of turnover has historically been frighteningly high). But a House Fortunae or House Quasitor mage may consider it counter-productive to leave normal life behind. Many of those have day jobs in business or law, and people tend to pay attention if those sorts just show up out of nowhere with no traceable past. Indeed, if you're a public prosecutor or the executive of a financial firm, people tend to go digging for your origins sooner or later, if having a concrete mundane papertrail isn't prerequisite to getting hired in the first place. How do you expect to get hired if you have no high school diploma, let alone a university degree or personal/professional references?

    And the Order of Hermes needs people in those positions in mundane society. Long gone are the days when a wizard could just transmute lead into gold and pay the bills that way; the Syndicate pay too much attention for that to work, except in sporadic instances. These ties also allow Hermetics to influence those areas of society, or at least keep abreast of them. Further, while no one could condemn a wizard for spending decades in their Sanctum, reading and experimenting, that sort of thing doesn't push back the tide of Disbelief that keeps Hermetic Arts out of the Consensus. One must be IN the outside world, in order to influence popular opinion and affect institutions in a manner favorable to the Order and the Tradition Council at large. Nor can cloistered magi who retreat from the world have a say in whether the Technocracy use their own hold on institutions to make life harder for traditionalists.