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Dual Tradition - Fictional and Actual Play Examples

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  • Dual Tradition - Fictional and Actual Play Examples

    I am trying to think of various ideas for dual traditions per the merit (or other various cross-trad options, like techgnosi from the revised chorus book). Some things go together easily - Neo and company are Virtual Adepts and Akashics to varying degrees though Mouse may have dabbled with Ecstatics instead of Akashics), and I have seen an anime (knights and... something. Isekai mechanism show from the last couple years) that took place in a world that seems like the Etherites and Hermetics made an alliance to win the ascension war, only for the Virtual Adept to come in and do it better. Philosophically, the Boondock Saints are arguably a mix of the Choristers and the Euthanatos (Chorus trappings, Euthanatos aims - and you could argue that the movie is actually an example of what happens when two mages awaken in a world that doesnt have any, since some of their shenanigans just shouldn't work but somehow do).

    What else have you seen in fiction? Or, what have you done or seen in your own game?

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    Slight necroing of this thread but I like this question. One concept I want to do but haven't had the chance to do was inspired by the Doctor Strange movie. The idea of the character is that he started out as a Hermetic but wanted to expand his base of mystical knowledge because he wasn't content with only a western perspective of magic. Because of that he traveled and with some difficulty was able to gain an apprenticeship under and Akashic.