So one thing to keep in mind - Exalted was originally conceived of as the World of Darkness in the mythical ages of past. That is, the actual first and second age as the Eastern supernatural groups reckon time. That in mind, mages wouldn't really need to deal with paradox as we understand it - even with modern paradigms, the world has enough beliefs to fit them in and not worry about the metaphysics. Your Virtual Adepts and ItXers would fit better into the heavy magitek feel of 2e than 3e, but even then, most people will see you working magick and assume that you found some first age relic. Now, the Realm may see such powers as a threat/heretical/anathema, especially if you are calling to gods that don't fit in their rolls of approves entities, but the paradigm doesn't hate those because heresies and foreign beliefs exist and allow people to draw upon magic.
However, you may face Sidereal-style paradox. Your magic IS potentially warping the Loom of Fate, as Astrology and certain charms do (no points for guessing who the Sidereals were supposed to be the forerunners of. ). But, then again, a mage from another universe may also be Outside Fate and not subject to Paradox. Personally, I would as a GM keep the Sidereal paradox in, but give out only in certain cases where the Pattern spiders might notice.