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    Zennis Perdo Magic as in House of Tremere explicitly helps against non hermetic at half capacity 1 dice per level instead of 2.


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      Originally posted by Illithid View Post
      Thaumaturgical Counter Magic explicitly states it's an out of clan discipline, but you know what; in House of Tremere, it describes it as a Path. I don't have low clans near by to check that version though.

      ​For the conundrum of the OP - Herr Meister - You could take the development of Spheres from Pillars to be the "Altered Practices" event that changes how it functions, if that's what's needed to fix the game. It's still pretty useful against Vampire-Mages.

      Guide to the Low clans says its a path. It explicitly calls out Pillars as being effective against but is half as effective against foreign blood magics and foreign practices.

      Of course by the Modern nights they have focused it to be more effective against Blood magic at the price of True Magick since True Magick is less common an occurance for the Tremere.


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        On a general basis I feel like thaumaturgical countermagic should not be so effective against true magick. The latter is way more powerful than the former after all. In pratical terms this matters very little though: who's going to spend Xp to buy dots in countermagic when it's so niche anyway? There's lots of paths that are way more generally useful than countermagic UNLESS the player knows the chronicle is mainly focused on Hermetics vs Blood Mages. Then and only then this becomes a real problem.

        So yes, this makes little sense if we consider what True Magick is but in actual games this will not be an issue 99% of the time.


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          1) House of Tremere is a VtDA supplement and therefore rather old and outdated.
          2) If it's the Dark Ages and Massassa War I would suggest using the DA: Vampire and DA:Mage rules for conflicts between the two. Let the Mages have Foundation+Pillars rather than Arete+Spheres.

          Edit: Hell in VtDA there is a Thaum Path that at lvl one allows you to add botch dice (effectivly 1's which removes successes) to a target equal to the number of successes on your roll. Not to mention Path of Warding which is broken AF. VtDA is outdated and it's supplements should be used for fluff only, not crunch IMO.
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